External Device Server

MSS100This product has been Discontinued.  Please see the suggested product below for a current replacement. For Documentation and Firmware please see our Discontinued page.

The last day of support for these products is September 30, 2012.

Suggested Replacement(s):

Part Number Information

Part Number Description
MSS100-21 MSS100 10/100 Device Server
1 DB25 (RS-423/RS-232) serial port, 1 10/100 RJ45 networking port, diagnostic LEDs, Installation Guide, CD-ROM with EZWebCon software, Com Port Redirector software and reference manual, external 120 VAC wall cube power supply
MSS100-22 MSS100
Same as above with 100-240 VAC international power supply and adapters
MSS100-24 MSS100
Same as above with 100-240 VAC universal IEC power supply with U.S. power cord

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