Lantronix Workbench is a software application that provisions, configures and updates Lantronix Mobility Solution trackers before deployment or for testing our features rich Fox and Bolero trackers.

Product Details
Configure your device on your PC and test the performance.
NDAA Compliant

WorkBench Overview

With workbench, you won’t need to use external application such as Hyper Terminal to send your AT/PFAL command and use our device. You can simply visualize in one singe Graphic User interface the following features:

  • Supports Serial communication with all available baudrates
  • Supports TCP/UDP client and server communication for remote devices
  • Tracker and GNSS information
  • Filter incoming information
  • Sending and receiving device configuration
  • Input and output in ASCII, hexadecimal
  • Cellular states,
  • Input/output status,
  • Firmware upgrade,
  • Accelerometer information

Compatible Products

FOX3 Series

FOX3 is a compact, all-in-one cellular telematics device combining a rich connectivity choice with our powerful Edge intelligence.

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