Case Studies


Lantronix IoT Solution Enables Digital Retail Shelf Signage

Quantum Aviation

Empowering Airport Ground Support Equipment

Regional Energy Company

Regional energy company chooses Lantronix solution to meet strict cyber security compliance requirements

Lantronix Ensures Secure Automation of Critical Banking Data Center Infrastructure

Providing the secure management features and always-on compliance reporting required by the bank, Lantronix’s LM83X Console Server is a secure management platform that supports the banking industry’s most stringent AAA requirements and ensures that security and management policies are always enforced — even during a network outage. In fact, the Lantronix solution is so secure that it actually exceeds the bank’s security requirements.

Brooklyn Hospital

Brooklyn Hospital chooses Lantronix Remote Management Solution: Out-of-Band Solution Empowers IT Team to Manage 10 Sites

Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lantronix Delivers Out-of-Band Management of Remote Devices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Youbiquo 2023

Lantronix Supports Next-Gen Industrial Smart Glasses

Hotel Marcel & Sinclair Digital

Lantronix Helps Power New Net-Zero Energy Hotel

Bryte Light & BryComm at Texas School District

Lantronix Increases Efficiency, Cost-Savings and Security with PoE Lights

New York City Department of Transportation

The NYDOT was challenged with finding an ITS solution that would enable the transportation agency team to remotely manage more than 10,000 traffic intersections in busy New York City.

Lantronix Contributes to Development of AI-Assisted Handheld Ultrasound Device

Lantronix Engineering Services worked with EchoNous to develop portable medical ultrasound device

Lantronix Contributes to Smart Energy System in Toronto High Rise

Lantronix provided a detailed fiber network design along with network equipment specifications and application requirements.

Lantronix FOX3 Gateway Powers SATLOG Fleet Telematics Solution

Lantronix telematics gateway used to remotely capture and securely share fleet information.

Fiber Connectivity for Advanced Traffic Management Case Study

Lantronix Enables Fiber Optic Connectivity at Nearly 500 Traffic Signals as Part of County’s Advanced Traffic Management System Update

Park Assist at Mall of America

Lantronix Powers Cameras and Wireless Radios as Part of Park Assist Parking Guidance and Security System at Mall of America

Power and Connectivity for Fiber Optic Backbone as Part of Smart Energy Management System in Toronto High Rise Case Study

Lantronix's PoE+ Switches and NIDs Provide Power and Connectivity for Fiber Optic Backbone as Part of Smart Energy Management System in Toronto High Rise

Park Assist

This Lantronix partnership provides networking hardware and configuration services to Park Assist, a global technology firm that develops intelligent camera-based parking guidance systems.

Pro Golf Tournament Case Study

Lantronix Drives Secure Data Transfer and Power for Pro Golf Tournament Stats

Leveraging Legacy Cabling in Elevators Case Study

How Lantronix Media Converters Enabled Connection and Powering of Wireless Access Points in a Challenging Environment

Iron Mountain Case Study

Lantronix Media Converter Chassis facilitates standard, repeatable, consistent and secure network access across a magnitude of network infrastructures

Telus Case Study

TELUS has standardized on Lantronix's ION Platform because of its flexibility, high performance, easy installation, and secure management capabilities. This multi-service integration solution provides TELUS customers with the connectivity they need and the network throughput they desire.

Lantronix xPico 250 IoT Gateway Enables Secure Connected Healthcare Applications

Lantronix xPico 250 IoT gateway chosen to help create the instrument for point-of-care use.

Lantronix FOX3 Gateway Drives LACOS Farm Equipment Telemetry

Lantronix FOX3 series telematics gateways used to remotely capture and securely share information about farm equipment operations

Lantronix Empowers Whisper to Reimagine Hearing With AI Hearing System

Lantronix Open-Q 820 µSOM Like a traditional hearing aid, the Whisper Hearing System has earpieces with tiny microphones. What makes it unique is the pocket-sized power and intelligence of the Whisper Brain, which is powered by the Lantronix Open-Q 820 µSOM.

Lantronix Supports MIC in Development of Sickbay IoT Solution

Lantronix’s xDirect Serial-to-Ethernet Server used to deliver secure connectivity between a major manufacturer’s switch devices and bedside monitoring equipment.

eSight: Beating Visual Impairment With Technology

The eSight team turned to Lantronix to tackle a big design challenge: utilize camera technology to create an enhanced vision device that would be functional and comfortable for users.

Flock Safety

Flock Safety worked closely with the Lantronix team, utilizing its Open-QTM 624A System on Module (SOM).

Argus Secure Technologies

Case Study Overview: Lantronix E210 routers help customer  Argus  Secure  Technologies  deliver an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) management solution for a globally known bank. Designed to provide a secure, optimized  and low-cost  video and alarm monitoring system, the Lantronix solution enables effective management of the bank's ATM network.


Quadlogic can offer remote access, monitoring and control of its metering technology, producing improved communications and reduced support costs for its customers.

Secura Key

Opening the Door to Network Connectivity

Honeywell International, Inc.

Provide secure network connectivity using the Lantronix SecureBox to help Honeywell meet government requirements.

RAVEN Systems, Inc./American Messaging Services

Next-Generation Communication for Emergency Response Personnel


Enhances remote management security for customers enabling them to securly perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cash Flow Management, Inc.

EDS2100 helped enable secure and reliable cash automation redundancy for CFM customers.

IMAG Technologies

Offer serial-to-Ethernet connectivity using the Lantronix XPort to provide an easy-to-integrate, compact package.


Netdirekt, a hosting solutions provider, used Lantronix Spider to allow their customers to perform routine maintenance, install operating software and troubleshoot their servers 24/7 without having to engage netdirekt’s support, saving its clients time and money.

The Planet

Offer a flexible, scalable and cost-effective CAT 5-based remote-access KVM using the Lantronix Spider to provide non-blocked, single-port access to servers over IP.

Fukuda Denshi

With Lantronix multi-port device server technology, Fukuda Denshi was able to incorporate all monitoring equipment to one central location allowing information to travel in real-time to a hospital’s monitoring center.


Integrate a custom-developed, battery powered version of the Lantronix WiBox to deliver a cost-effective, scalable wireless solution for Point of Care glucose monitoring.

Systems Integrated

Propose a cost-effective approach using the Lantronix XPort to create a wireless Ethernet backbone to allow traffic controllers to communicate securely over the internet.


Offer a compact, easy-to-integrate, complete network connection using the Lantronix XPort to accelerate time-to-market for SmartMotors.

Link-Tech Inc.

Enable the addition of network connectivity to Link-Tech’s next-generation printing using the Lantronix XPort to provide real-time monitoring and maintenance for a more accurate solution.

Rockwell Automation

Reduce development costs and engineering resources by adding Lantronix network connectivity to keep the product development cycle on the fast track.

Automated Energy

Enable utility meters to be managed over the Internet using the Lantronix UDS100 to improve data accuracy and lower costs.

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