IoT Energy Management Solutions

Remotely Manage Power and Utility Devices

Control Systems Remotely, Accurately, and Easily

Lantronix products provide remote access, control and troubleshooting – resulting in efficient data acquisition, control, reduced costs and even better customer service.

Updates to power systems are made simple, and devices already in place can be networked using Lantronix servers to reduce system construction costs.

Reduce Costs and Save Resources

With Lantronix technology, costs related to power failures, human meter readings, inaccurate data collection and more are all drastically reduced if not virtually eliminated. Now you can control your entire system, read meters, and allocate power according to need from one central location.

Taking Advantage of an Existing City-Wide System with Lantronix

The city of Palo Alto, CA needed a more effective, efficient way to read meters than their current dial-up technology. However, they were dealing with an existing infrastructure with many requirements to work around. Together with Automated Meter and Lantronix technology, Palo Alto became able to fully utilize meters already in the field with a single reading process while potentially achieving an improved level of monitoring and service for its electric, water and gas utility customers.


“With its UDS100, Lantronix offered the necessary connectivity with technology that wouldn’t interfere with the way the City’s connected devices already worked. The end result is a compatible pair of technologies that work together seamlessly.”

— George Bell, Automated Energy

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Automated Meter Reading

Get Real-Time Meter Data

In commercial applications, automated meter readings and real-time data acquisition are necessary to allow the power company to bill based on usage without physical meter readings. By networking meters to routers and central computer systems, utilities can identify exactly where the power is going within a given building and bill accordingly.

Reduce Your Overhead
Gone are the days when you had to send a technician out to read meters at every location. Remote control and the ability to read devices out in the field from a single, central location reduce your staffing requirements drastically—and allow you to keep your best people in house—not on the street.

Bill Customers More Accurately
Lantronix makes accurate billing without physical meter readings easy. Meters are networked to a centralized computer system showing exactly where power is going – helping power companies bill based on actual usage without the need to send someone to read the meter.

Protect Critical Areas

Reduce Chances of Power Outages Remotely

For facilities where power failure is not an option, including hospitals, certain factories and “mission critical” areas, power outages are not just an inconvenience–they can have critical or even fatal consequences. Lantronix device servers enable companies to sense when and where power is pegged at a near-maximum level and then automatically slowed or shut down to protect the critical areas.

Allocate Power to Where It’s Needed Most
Real-time data on the network enables you to decide where to allocate power in low-supply situations, saving mission critical areas or even simply reducing overall costs.

Identify Where Power is At Maximum—and React from a Remote Location
Lantronix device servers can indicate where power has almost reached maximum levels helping to identify where power needs to be reduced or shut off to prevent an outage. This is especially important for hospitals, factories, and mission critical areas of many businesses.

Broad Compatibility

No More Compatibility Problems

The utilities industry has long recognized the benefits of IP-based communication. At the substation level, however, there are often compatibility issues with communication hardware as a result of it having come from a variety of vendors. With their versatility and protocol independence, Lantronix device servers can bring together a diverse array of serial devices on the network.

Dependable—Especially at Critical Moments
Lantronix device servers’ remote management capability makes them dependable tools for monitoring power allocations during critical high-demand periods.

Heat Wave, Rain, Snow – Bring It On!
Metering and power-generating equipment is often located in environments where weather is a real factor. Featuring DIN rail mounting and ruggedized housings, Lantronix products are designed to withstand potential weather-related damage and temperature extremes. They also and feature specialized mounting and housings which ensure equipment safety.

Example Applications

Lantronix Energy products and technology are especially useful for:

  • Utility meters (electrical, gas and water)
  • Distribution substations
  • Power adapters
  • Battery monitors
  • Power quality equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Safety system monitoring

Case Studies

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