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IoT in Healthcare: Improve Patient Care and Diagnostic Efficiency

Hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers today are doing everything they can to maintain quality and patient care while under major cost containment or even cost-cutting pressures.

Reduced staffing compounds the challenge, as doctors, nurses, technicians and engineers are working harder than ever to deliver the same quality in patient care. Medical device networking helps you do more with less!

Learn about the the five key applications for medical device connectivity, focusing on requirements, implementation, and associated benefits in this New Whitepaper on Medical Device Connectivity for Smarter Healthcare!

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Lantronix IoT Gateway Solutions for Healthcare

Lantronix’ s Industry Certified IEC-60601 IoT solutions automate and safeguard data collection and dissemination, and facilitate remote patient monitoring, asset tracking and reduced service costs. Whether choosing a Wired or Wireless solution, we provide the medical device gateway to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Connected Healthcare Solution Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare IoT Solutions

“Reliability was paramount in our selection of networking technology for Acuity, which is used in life-threatening situations. Lantronix [has] stood up to every test…”

— Reza Sharafi, Acuity System Design Engineer, Welch Allyn

Lantronix device servers help today’s hospitals and laboratories monitor, collaborate, and diagnose patients 24/7. Enhance productivity, accuracy, and efficiency when using:

  • Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Mobile EKG Units
  • Glucose Analyzers
  • Blood Analyzers
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • And Any Device with Serial Capability

Simplifying IoT Healthcare Device Management with ConsoleFlow™

In combination with our wired or wireless medical IoT gateways, Lantronix ConsoleFlow™ device management software provides you with highly secure connectivity from your edge device to the cloud.

ConsoleFlow™ was specially designed to manage IoT devices at scale from mid-size laboratories to large city hospitals. Feature rich capabilities includes:
•Automated Monitoring
•Remote Maintenance
•Operational Analysis

Lantronix IoT Healthcare Solutions Customers

Lantronix IoT Healthcare Solutions Customers

Collecting and Sharing Data

Collaborate on Healthcare Treatment Plans

Collaborate on Treatment Plans at a Moment’s Notice

Lantronix device servers enable information to flow to one central location, then to whoever needs it from there. Such a level of data collection and collaboration between doctors and health care professionals has never been easier—and most importantly you’ll see shortened diagnosis times, optimized patient care, and ultimately, saved lives.

“Lantronix device server technology has proven to be just what we needed: reliable, accurate, and easy to install. These features are crucial in the medical environment, where people’s lives literally depend on it. Lantronix fit our needs perfectly.”

— Steve Morgan, Fukuda Denshi UK

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Lantronix technology helps:

  • Protect patient privacy with data kept on a highly secured network
  • Eliminate worries about misplaced or overlooked handwritten records
  • Spend less time record keeping
  • Reduce potential for errors like erroneous transcriptions
  • Maximize staff mobility
  • Collaborate easily with on and off-site doctors and specialists
  • Enable on and off-site monitoring

Enter the next era of patient care.

Looking for a way to streamline the multiple-doctor-monitoring process in hospitals, Fukuda Denshi used Lantronix to enable all monitoring equipment to report to a single, central location where doctors could review all data—saving time and reducing potential for misdiagnoses.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Keep an Eye on Every Patient from One Central Location

Using Lantronix to network-enable their equipment, medical professionals can see real-time patient updates from anywhere at any time via a network or the Internet.

Ensure continuous monitoring.
Medical device networking facilitates remote monitoring in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctor’s offices and patients’ homes—enabling doctors and specialists to spend less time monitoring—and more time working on whole-picture diagnosis and patient care.

Make equipment more reliable, too.
Not only is the patient monitored with Lantronix devices, but so is equipment health. Instead of repairing instruments after they break down, service personnel can monitor devices in real time, perform predictive maintenance, and greatly reduce service calls and downtime.

Better monitoring of critical patients.
Lehigh Valley’s core group of intensive care specialists, called “Intensivists”, implemented Lantronix technology so they could literally be in multiple places at once, monitoring every patient closely.

“Our intensivists are able to monitor patients more effectively and make quicker, better informed, often life-saving decisions.”

— Luke Savage, System Analyst/Programmer, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Benefits of Wireless

Track Medical Devices

Move and Track Devices from Room to Room, Floor to Floor

Lantronix’ embedded wired and wireless (802-11b) solutions incorporate easily into new equipment designs, or network-enable existing equipment in a matter of minutes.

Why wireless?

  • No need to run wire through the hospital or laboratory
  • Make equipment truly mobile, able to move room to room and floor to floor
  • Track equipment easily via the network
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for misplaced devices

Whatever your need, with thousands of different types of medical devices already networked in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world, Lantronix has the solution.

Improving Communication to First Responders in Emergency Situations.
With “paging” technology as the long-time standard for first responders and other emergency workers, RAVEN Systems saw a need to confirm message delivery, and to provide information to the recipient such as pertinent URLs and instructions. Lantronix worked with RAVEN to customize its MatchPort technology and achieve RAVEN’s groundbreaking goals—reducing time to market and enabling RAVEN to market the product to multiple industries.

“Lantronix helped us dramatically reduce our time to market for new applications based on our new technology platform.”

— Myron Anduri, VP, New Product Engineering, American Messaging Service

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Example of Applications

So many applications. So many possibilities.

Lantronix technology and devices have improved monitoring of data from these, and many other pieces of equipment in the medical field. From working on custom functionality requirements to out of the box products, Lantronix is your answer for remote device networking—and more importantly, for providing complete patient care.

  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Multiple-parameter blood chemistry analyze
  • Glucose analyzers
  • CT scanning equipment
  • Ventilators
  • EKGs
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Breathalyzers
  • Infusion pumps
  • Breathalyzers
  • External defibrillators

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