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Federal, state, and local government agencies must balance limited budgets with the need to provide mission-critical services and communications for their communities. Whether it’s military communications for mobile command centers, security, and surveillance to protect citizens at public events, or broadband service for local communities, government agencies are challenged with evolving their networks to deliver secure, reliable, higher-performing services, while leveraging their aging infrastructure.

Network performance and distance limitations of existing copper infrastructure inhibit agencies from operating effectively and budget constraints prohibit building new fiber infrastructure, which is very resource-intensive. Alternatively, integrating fiber into existing copper infrastructure is a cost-effective solution to increasing security and network performance. And, for government agencies the protection of information, security, and prevention of wiretapping is crucial.

Fiber optics reduce security concerns while increasing the performance, bandwidth, and durability of your network. Lantronix products enable the benefits of fiber while maintaining Ethernet networking which maximizes network element re-use within a familiar network protocol.

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Lantronix has been providing networking technology to government institutions for over three decades. We also offer a full range of Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) data center products and software for securely and remotely monitoring and managing IT equipment. In addition to our OOMB products, Lantronix is also a leading provider of cellular router and gateway products that make it possible to connect and manage virtually any electronic device over a network or the Internet.

As we expand our breadth of technologies, Lantronix offers embedded solutions for the development, connectivity, and production of high-performance and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) products. Developers can start with Lantronix’s versatile development kits to jumpstart their product development of a vertical market-specific solution such as drones, robotics, wearables, smart cities, and more! With cutting-edge technology and solutions, Lantronix’s robust portfolio of embedded servers and gateways simplifies and streamlines smart connected products to market.

Using a consultative approach to understanding customer problems, Lantronix has long been a trusted partner of the Federal, State, and Local governments. We are ISO 9001 quality system certified, provide TAA-compliant products, and have a 99.5% customer acceptance rating.

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