Industrial Networking Solutions

Protect Equipment and Staff within Any Industrial Environment

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Connect Any and All Equipment Easily

With a Lantronix Industrial device server, you can quickly and reliably connect virtually any piece of factory equipment to a network or the Internet to interactively access, manage, control, evaluate and utilize data from the equipment.

Real Time Diagnostics and Repair

Lantronix’ powerful, yet simple-to-implement technology provides the ability to perform real-time remote diagnostics and repair, automate data capture, and generate immediate notification of problems. Imagine the ability to control, monitor and troubleshoot remote industrial equipment from virtually anywhere over an Internet connection!

Making Equipment More Reliable – Wirelessly

Spectrum CNC Technologies needed a wireless networking solution to more effectively manage equipment and eliminate extensive wiring throughout the production floor. By combining their proprietary software with Lantronix’ MatchPort, Spectrum developed a system that sets the standard for secure wireless networking of more than 250 CNC machines.

“Through true software and hardware integration, Lantronix helped us customize an off the shelf wireless solution specifically for the machine tool industry.”

— Toni Novak, President, Spectrum CNC Technologies

Industrial Automation

Increase Equipment Efficiency and Productivity

In today’s industrial environment, the quest for greater efficiency, productivity, quality control and inventory management is practically universal. As a result, the need for more efficient control of equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), robots, process control equipment, temperature monitoring systems, barcode scanners, scales and mixing stations is increasing dramatically. Lantronix devices can facilitate the need for control, diagnosis, repair, and communication between equipment—making factories run more smoothly.

Monitor, Manage and Control Equipment from Anywhere

Ethernet is rapidly gaining momentum in industrial automation with high speeds and the ability to simultaneously support multiple protocols. Lantronix products enable manufacturers to take advantage of Ethernet to remotely monitor, manage and control equipment over a network or the Internet. This improves efficiency by providing real-time access and control of all types of industrial automation equipment from virtually anywhere.

Enhance Device Communication with External or Embedded Solution

Lantronix offers external and embedded device server products to properly link your equipment to the network. External device servers can be established within minutes, and embedded units within a few weeks. Both options allow you to easily and inexpensively enhance communication, functionality and intelligence.

Keeping Product Development on the Fast Track

Rockwell Automation needed to maintain its industrial automation market leadership by upgrading its networking capabilities. To reduce development costs and engineering resources, Rockwell relied on the expertise of Lantronix. Lantronix’ XPort device server enabled Rockwell Automation to reduce development costs and hasten time-to-market — giving them a competitive advantage.

“XPort dramatically cut our internal development cycle…from several months to a few weeks. The time and cost savings…allowed us to more effectively meet customer requirements.”

— Jim Wuethrich, Marketing Manager, Rockwell Automation

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Building Automation

Control All Systems from a Central Location

Facilities managers are responsible for overseeing and improving building safety as well as reducing energy costs. Lantronix building automation technology helps create an intelligent building, giving managers the ability to control each system from one single location.

Manage and Diagnose Systems Remotely

With a single building management network, remote management and control is possible for:

  • Security systems
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Elevators
  • Fire and burglary systems
  • Electrical and water metering
  • Building access

Reduce Energy Consumption and Overall Costs

Managing HVAC systems properly is a key factor in the reduction of energy consumption and costs for a building. Networking these systems alone can result in a dramatic cost savings. From building safety to cutting costs, Lantronix building automation solutions help to enhance the intelligence of a building and the peace of mind of facilities managers.

Cutting Expensive HVAC Bills Dramatically at University of South Florida

To manage their HVAC systems, USF spent thousands of dollars monthly to lease phone lines that provided slow Internet connections and were inefficient for monitoring technicians. The integration of Lantronix’ device server technology allowed USF to network enable multiple buildings’ HVAC systems via a high speed Ethernet connection to a centralized control center.

“Lantronix has helped us to provide a great solution. The savings alone amounts to several thousand dollars per building.”

— John Bastian, Vice President, Facility Automation of Florida Inc.

Example Applications

Example Applications

Lantronix technology can be used to remotely access, diagnose and repair the following and more:

  • Programmable controllers (PLCs)
  • Process controllers
  • Motor drive controllers
  • Power monitoring equipment
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Robots
  • Flow meters
  • Temperature monitoring equipment
  • Scales
  • Mixing stations
  • Gas detection devices

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