Network Interface Cards (NICs)

Add a new device to a data network using one of our many types of network adapters that provide connectivity for standard desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets. Our wide assortment of network adapters allow you to bring a building’s fiber backbone all the way to the desktop in Fiber-to-the-Desk (FTTD) applications, offering the advantages of higher bandwidth transmission over longer distances with more security than copper or wireless transmission. Our complete line of PCIe embedded NICs are built on network interface card (NIC) standards. We also offer innovative USB-to-fiber Ethernet adapters for providing an optical interface to portable devices like laptops and tablets, and M.2 fiber Ethernet adapters which provide fiber connectivity to smaller devices such as micros, minis, and thin clients.

NIC Product Selector

Product Categories


Desktop / Server

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is based on point-to-point topology, a PCIe bus supports full-duplex communication between points and the system is not limited to the slowest peripheral on the bus in the same way it is with PCI. The PCIe link between devices can use 1-32 lanes. A single lane (x1) PCIe Card can be used in a multi-lane slot (x4, x8, x12, x16 and x32), and it is automatically negotiated during device initialization to use the highest mutually supported lane count. A PCIe Card fits into a slot of its same size or larger but may not fit into a smaller slot. Some slots will permit longer cards but negotiate the best electrical connection.

Lantronix’ PCIe NICs support Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Our Power-over-Ethernet PCIe NIC also delivers power and data to connected devices such as VoIP phones. 


Laptop / Tablet

USB Ethernet network adapters provide a data connection through a USB port on a PC, laptop, or tablet. USB Ethernet fiber adapters allow a computing device that does not have a fiber port to connect to a fiber-based Ethernet network through a USB interface. These adapters are designed for use with laptop, notebook, and tablet PCs, where wireless transmission is not the preferred technology due to security concerns, or where copper lacks the bandwidth, distance or security for sharing data-intensive files.

Lantronix’s innovative Scorpion-USB™ Ethernet Fiber Adapters are ideal for easy and secure fiber networking solutions. Supporting Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet speeds, as well as USB 2.0 and 3.0 data transfer, our adapters will fit into any network seamlessly.