Engineering Services

Lantronix leverages our unparalleled engineering expertise and product development best practices to deliver high quality, innovative products, cost-effectively, and on time. With over 2,000 projects successfully delivered to leading global brand companies, you can trust Lantronix to deliver the results you are looking for to get your products to market faster.

AI Edge Solutions

Lantronix is spearheading the development of an Edge AI solution, now in prototype in addition to designing and developing our proprietary advanced development kits, hardware reference designs and high-volume production system-on. Lantronix has worked with customers to deploy numerous AI/Machine Learning solutions.

Hardware Engineering

In addition to designing and developing our advanced development kits, hardware reference designs and high volume production system-on-modules (SOM), Lantronix’s hardware engineering team develops custom embedded computing modules and peripheral boards tailored to our client’s specifications.

Mechanical Engineering

Lantronix’s mechanical engineering team has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of mobile and IoT products. This design experience spans a breadth of product types, with a variety of thermal and structural engineering challenges, high density device packaging, as well as design for ruggedized products. The mechanical design and manufacturing experience can support proof of concept/prototype projects and low to high volume fabrication and production processes.

Software Engineering

Lantronix’s software engineering team works with our technology partners at the earliest stages of new chip introduction, giving us valuable early access and knowledge of the newest high-performance technology. Our team is very experienced with embedded systems software having created countless board support packages and drivers for Android, Linux, Windows and QNX. Our driver experience includes power optimizations, radios (CDMA, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth), FPGAs and various peripherals including USB, LCD, Touch, Camera, e-Ink, codecs and more.

Camera Development

Lantronix’s has strong system expertise in embedded camera design and IoT devices. Our knowledgeable and experienced team have developed Snapdragon-based solutions across a wide range of processor technology including devices from Qualcomm and NXP.

Audio Development

Lantronix has superior expertise in audio technology and tuning gained through the development of scores of products with advanced audio capabilities. Many of Lantronix’s computing solutions leverage Qualcomm’s high end SoC’s, including Hexagon DSP-based processing and audio codec chipsets, offering flexible and powerful audio input and output. Lantronix is an expert in utilization of a variety of audio tools to configure and tune audio settings for optimal functionality and performance.

Device Management and Security

Lantronix helps our clients to build thoughtful device management and security into their products, with expertise in these key areas: provisioning and authentication, configuration and control, monitoring and diagnostics, software updates and maintenance, and security. Lantronix has a long history of managing and securing mobile and IoT devices, including the development of our proprietary patented secure boot technology. Today we work closely with Qualcomm, Android, and other 3rd party technology to build in reliable device management and security to our client’s products.

Rapid Prototyping

Lantronix provides rapid prototyping services to help our clients explore and realize concepts in a quick and cost-effective manner. Rapid prototyping takes ideas, images and concepts from an idea or two-dimensional visual into hands-on products that clients, colleagues and collaborators, as well as potential investors can hold in their hands and see in action.

Quality Assurance

Lantronix’s Quality Assurance services (QA Services) are based on the project requirements (e.g. Prototype, Waterfall, Agile) and the independent testing and validation team participates in all phases of the project, such as formal technical reviews, audits, carrying out different levels of testing like White box, Black box, System testing and assist during certification process. This includes participating early in product definition and requirements capture, allowing early creation of Quality Plans and Tests Plans and procedures and participation in core teams though New Product Introduction for manufacturing and support.
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