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In addition to designing and developing our proprietary advanced development kits, hardware reference designs and high volume production system-on-modules (SOM), Lantronix’s hardware engineering team develops custom embedded computing modules and peripheral boards tailored to our client’s specifications.
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 Our hardware engineering team averages more than eighteen years of experience with high-performance 32-bit and 64-bit processors from Qualcomm, Freescale, Nvidia, TI, Samsung, Marvell and others. Our design experience includes power optimizations, radios (CDMA, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth), FPGAs, DSPs and peripherals including USB, LCD, Touch, Camera, e-Ink, codecs and more.

Additionally, our team is experienced in RF circuit and antenna design including design, simulation, prototyping, and testing of proprietary and standards-based radio designs. Besides standard wireless connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, we have expertise in non-standard radio system design and can provide a customized solution for your product as required. This could involve radio system architecture development, radio range and link budget analysis, or even custom wireless protocol development.

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