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About the AI Edge Platform

Percepxion™ Edge AI Solution prototype’s seamless integration with the Qualcomm AI Hub, this integrated solution delivers a robust platform for optimized model performance, supporting the rapid development, deployment and acceleration of edge AI solutions for industries such as Smart City, Transportation and Connected Healthcare.

Our Edge AI Solution makes it easier for developer to start deploying AI-optimized model

EDGE AI Development Pain Points

Our Prototype Software Suite

Lantronix Percepxion platform supports each step of AI development, including:

  • Build: Tools and documentation for creating containerized applications with easy scalability. Lantronix’s Percepxion platform provides ready-to-use APIs, comprehensive tools and documentation, enabling developers to quickly build applications that deliver top-notch performance. Integration with Qualcomm AI Hub enables seamless model optimization and validation, reducing development time and helping to ensure high-performance AI applications.

  • Deploy: Robust cloud infrastructure for deploying and monitoring applications. Percepxion’s robust cloud infrastructure supports the fast and efficient deployment and monitoring of AI applications. Qualcomm AI Hub facilitates real-time performance profiling and on-device inference, ensuring that applications run optimally on edge devices with enhanced reliability and reduced latency.

  • Accelerate: On-device processing and cloud computing for improved performance and reliability. This combination provided by Percepxion’s platform reduces latency and data charges, delivering faster and more efficient AI-driven solutions. Qualcomm AI Hub ensures models are optimized for efficient execution on CPUs, GPUs and NPUs.

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Outcome: Lantronix AI Prototype with Qualcomm Hub?

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