IoT in Transportation Networking, Fleet Management and Connected Vehicle

IoT in Transportation and Logistics- Increase Public Safety and Reduce Congestion

Networked transportation systems play a key role in enhancing public safety by reducing congestion and facilitating traffic management. Devices such as signal controllers, message signs, video scanners and cameras are essential for managing traffic on freeways and major surface streets—and all can be network-enabled by Lantronix devices.

Transportation Product Map

Automotive Solutions

The Automotive market needs go beyond solely focusing on automotive grade components, it requires the integration of hardware and software component solutions from a multitude of suppliers while ensuring a quality innovative product with longevity, durability, and reliability. Lantronix brings our expertise in engineering services and product development best practices to focus on complexities of automotive solutions.

Our experience with various semiconductor manufacturers (Qualcomm, NXP, etc.) as well as multiple OS providers (QNX, Green Hills Software, Android & Linux) enable Lantronix to develop flexible designs for the major sub-systems in the automotive market.

  • Telematics
    • Integrating range of technologies for vehicle communication and precise tracking.
    • Wireless solutions; Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC & GNSS.
    • Qualcomm® C-V2X technology
  • Digital Cockpit
    • Infotainment & cluster systems.
    • RTOS + hosted OSes.
    • Passenger entertainment.
    • Driver monitoring & vehicle status
  • Remote Device Management
    • OTA updates.
    • Feature & data management.
    • Cloud connectivity

Monitor Traffic and Vehicles

Proactively Disseminate Road & Vehicle-Related Information

By embedding Lantronix’ WiPort wireless device into traffic and in-vehicle cameras, you can not only monitor road conditions, but you can scan traffic flow and know what’s going on inside city busses, school busses, and more.

Control it All from a Centrally-Located Data Center

Once you’ve enabled your equipment to gather the data, review and analyze it all from one central command post. This not only enables you to get the whole picture, but also reduces staffing and infrastructure costs.

Saving the City of Los Angeles More than $6,000 a Month

Everyone knows about LA’s traffic problems. The city is always working to improve its system and one major step included network-enabling its traffic cameras so they could be monitored from a central data center. With Lantronix, technology expert Systems Integrated constructed a solution that not only connected the cameras—but enabled traffic controllers to communicate securely via the Internet.

“One of the keys to our success is the ability to walk in and very quickly get new capabilities up on legacy equipment. Lantronix is a key element to that.”

— John Holbrook, General Manager, Systems Integrated

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Get Your Systems Talking to Each Other

Lantronix device servers are facilitators of telematics, the new wave of technology for the transportation industry. Telematics is defined as data communications between systems and devices. It incorporates networked products in a vehicle so you can download information onto the central computer system.

Imagine the Communication Possibilities

The possibilities are endless—truly. You can now collect and analyze data related to virtually every function of every piece of equipment.

For example, a tire company might use Lantronix’ WiPort to wirelessly analyze tire performance for pressure, safety and environmental data. Not only can they collect this information for the first time, but they can access it on a PDA or laptop if needed.

Fleet Management and Airports

Simple Solutions for Tracking Multiple Vehicles

On-vehicle fleet management helps track and disseminate information regarding each vehicle – and Lantronix technology can help record data such as mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle performance.

In addition, Lantronix devices allow you to collect and download video data from inside fleet vehicles. The information is then fed to a centralized server where the entire fleet is monitored remotely.

Reduce Lost Baggage in Airports

Using device servers from Lantronix, Northwest Airlines has connected its entire baggage claim system to the network—reducing lost baggage incidents and human error. Our device servers are also utilized for remote monitoring in airport security systems.

Taking the Cost and Complexity Out of Wireless Networking

Williams-Pyro, a leading electronics manufacturer, needed to create a wireless vehicle status and driver performance monitoring system that eliminated monthly recurring fees and lowered operating and maintenance costs. Lantronix’ WiPort® provided the ability to do all of this—and extend vehicle life and streamline maintenance activities, to boot.

“Lantronix WiPort has proven to be an ideal fit with our AccuTag product. It provided us the small form factor and quick and easy installation we were looking for.”

— Brian K. Pickens, Business Application Manager, Williams-Pyro

Example Applications

Example Applications

Lantronix Transportation products and technology are especially useful for:

  • Digital signage on freeways
  • Traffic control
  • Mobile data acquisition for the automotive industry
  • Railway equipment
  • Fleet management
  • Airport systems

Case Studies

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