Warranty Policy & Procedure

Standard Policy

How to verify if my Lantronix product is defective?

  1. Our TSE will need to know / ask the following:
  2. Contact Lantronix Technical Support Engineers (TSE):
    1. Link to Tech Support web form: Submit a Tech Question
    2. Link to Tech Support: Contact Us
  3. Visit our Knowledge Base and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    1. Complete contact information including e-mail and telephone.
    2. Questions relative to the issue with the unit.
    3. Perform necessary trouble shooting functions to determine a cause for failure
  4. If the product is deemed defective and covered under our warranty, the TSE will create a Technical Case with case number.
  5. The Technical Case is dispatched to Customer Support to create the Return Material Authorization number (RMA).
    1. Customer Support creates an RMA referencing the Technical Case number as the PO number.
    2. The RMA notification is emailed within two business days following the case dispatch from Technical Support.
    3. The RMA notification contains all the necessary return instructions including Part number, Quantity and return address.
  6. Once the defective unit is received by Lantronix, the repair or replacement process will begin.
    1. If no fault is found (NFF), you will be contacted for additional action (provide your FedEx/UPS number or scrap the unit).
    2. If the issue is common, best efforts will be made to repair or replace within 2 weeks of receipt.
    3. If the issue is uncommon, a repair or replacement may take up to month (avg. 2 weeks).
    4. Lantronix will make every attempt to repair or replacement ASAP.
    5. Lantronix ships ground freight or best way international. All other methods of shipping require your FedEx or UPS number.

Advance Replacements


Lantronix offers Advance Replacement Warranty Services at time of your original hardware purchase. For a list of available products covered under the Advanced Replacement Warranty Service options, see our Extended Support Services page. Customers who purchased this service will be shipped a replacement unit ASAP and the unit is shipped via overnight (where available) at no additional cost. This provides customers with minimal downtime.

If the Advance Replacement Service was not purchased at the time of the original hardware purchase, you may request an advance replacement for the applicable service fees and security deposit. Products not listed in the above link have a processing fee of $50.00 and security deposit.

Let our Technical Support Engineer know that you are interested in an advance replacement and they will note it in the Technical Case. A credit card is required to pay the applicable fees and secure the return of the unit(s) to Lantronix within 30-days. Customer Support will provide the credit card form with the necessary fees.

Once the product listed in the technical case is received by Lantronix within 30-days, a credit for the security deposit will be issued back to the credit card. All shipping methods require your FedEx or UPS number.