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Device Networking

Embedded Gateways

PremierWave® 2050Embedded Wi-Fi IoT Gateway5 years
xPico® 240Embedded Wi-Fi IoT Gateway5 years
xPico® 250Embedded Wi-Fi IoT Gateway5 years
xPico® 270Embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT Gateway5 years

Embedded Device Servers

MatchPort® b/gEmbedded Wireless Device Server2 years
MatchPort b/g ProEmbedded Wireless Device Server2 years
MatchPort AREmbedded Device Server2 years
MatchPort NREmbedded Ethernet Device Server2 years
MicroEmbedded Device Server1 year
Micro125Embedded Device Server2 years
MSSLiteEmbedded Device Server1 year
PremierWave® ENEmbedded Wi-Fi Application/Device Server2 years
PremierWave® SE1000Embedded Linux System on Module2 years
WiPort®Embedded Wireless Device Server2 years
WiPort NREmbedded Device Server2 years
xPico®Embedded Device Server5 years
xPico® Wi-Fi®Embedded Wireless Device Server5 years
xPico Wi-Fi ShieldEvaluation Kit1 year
xPico IAPEmbedded Device Server5 years
XPort® Direct™+Embedded Device Server2 years
XPortEmbedded Device Server2 years
XPort AREmbedded Processor Module2 years
XPort ProWorld’s Smallest Linux Networking Server2 years
XPort EDGEEmbedded Ethernet Gateway2 years

External Device Servers

EDS-MDMulti-Port Medical Device Server5 years
EDS3000 PRSecure Terminal Server3 years
EDS3000 PSSecure Terminal Server3 years
EDS8PR/16PR/32PREvolution Device Servers2 years
EDS8PS/16PSEvolution Device Servers (Desk)2 years
EDS1100 / EDS2100Hybrid Ethernet Terminal and Multiport Device Servers2 years
EDS4100Device Servers2 years
IntelliBox®-I/OIndustrial Device Server2 years
MSS4Device Servers1 year
PremierWave® XCGSM/GPRS Application/Device Server5 years
PremierWave XC HSPA+3.5G Intelligent Gateway and Application Server5 years
PremierWave XNWi-Fi Application/Device Server5 years
SecureBox® SDS1101Single-Port Secure Device Server2 years
SecureBox SDS2101Dual-Port Secure Device Server2 years
SGX 5150IoT Device Gateway5 years
SGX 5150 MDWireless IoT Gateway for Medical Devices5 years
UDS-10Device Servers1 year
UDS1100Device Servers2 years
UDS2100Device Servers2 years
UDS1100-BDevice Servers2 years
UDS1100-IAPDevice Servers2 years
WiBox®Dual-Port Wireless Device Server2 years
WiSpanEthernet-to-Wireless Bridge2 years
xDirect™Device Server5 years
xDirect-IAPIndustrial Device Server5 years
XPress-DR+™Industrial Device Server2 years
XPress-DR+ WirelessWireless Industrial Device Server2 years
XPress-DRIndustrial Device Server1 year
XPress-DR-IAPIndustrial Device Server1 year
XPress-Pro™ SWSeries Hardened Ethernet Switches2 years
xSenso™Analog Device Server5 years

Mobility Solutions

M110 SeriesCellular Modem1 year
E210 SeriesCellular Router1 year
E220 SeriesCellular Router1 year
BOLERO40 SeriesTelematics Device1 year
FOX3 SeriesTelematics Device1 year
S40 SeriesLoRa Node1 year
G520 SeriesIoT Cellular Gateway1 year

Out of Band Management/ IT/Data Center Management

xPrintServer® – Mobile Print Servers

xPrintServer – Cloud Print EditionMobile Print Server2 years
xPrintServer – Home EditionMobile Print Server1 year
xPrintServer – Network EditionMobile Print Server1 year
xPrintServer – Office EditionMobile Print Server2 years

Console Servers

Lantronix SLCSecure Console Managers2 years
Lantronix SLC 8000Advanced Console Managers3 years
Lantronix EMGEdge Management Gateway3 years
Lantronix LMLocal Manager1 year
SCS100 / 200 / 400Secure Console Servers1 year


Lantronix SpiderDistributed KVM over IP2 years
Lantronix SpiderDuo™Compact Remote-KVM with Local Access2 years

Remote Power Managers

Lantronix SLPRemote Power Manager2 years

Branch Office Manager

Lantronix SLBBranch Office Manager5 years
Lantronix SLB V2007Branch Office Manager
Note: Applies only to Part# SLB088411-02, SLB088412-02
2 years

Ethernet Terminal Servers

ETS8PS / ETS16PSMultiport Terminal & Device Servers1 year

Print Servers

MPS & LPSPrint Servers1 year
EPS2-100Print Servers1 year

Global Navigation Systems


SiRFstarIV Series GNSS 1 year
SiRFstarV Series GNSS 1 year

Development Kits and SOMS 

System on Modules, Developments Kits, HDK, ADPS

System on Modules 1 year
SOM Development Kits 30 Days- Manufacturer defect
HDK 30 Days
ADP Dev Kits 30 Days

Network Switches 

SISPM1040-384-LRT-C 5 years
SISPM1040-582-LRT 5 years
SISPM1040-362-LRT 5 years
SISGM1040-284-LRT 5 years
SM8TAT2SA 5 years
SM16TAT2SA 5 years
SM24TAT4XB 5 years
SM48TAT4XA-RP 5 years
SISPM1040-3248-L 5 years
SISPM1040-3166-L 5 years
SISPM1040-3248-L3 5 years
SISPM1040-3166-L3 5 years

Warranty durations may vary based on specific country regulatory requirements.
Please contact your local sales representative.