SmartEdge Lantronix Partner Program

The SmartEdge Partner Program empowers VARs to grow their businesses with Lantronix’s comprehensive range of mission-critical products and services. By delivering the solutions their customers need to support business continuity across their data centers, regional offices and remote sites, VAR partners increase revenues while driving exceptional customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to the success of our VAR partners.

Our partner-centric solutions deliver the fastest path to acquiring new customers, increasing sales and building long-term strategic relationships with their customers.

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Lantronix has the Expertise.  For over 30 years, Lantronix has been a trusted provider of reliable IoT management solutions and continues to lead the pack with innovative and cutting-edge technology. We deliver enterprise customers with next-generation intelligent solutions for managing their critical IT and communications infrastructure

The Lantronix SmartEdge Partner Program is built on four key pillars: Our Partners, Quality, Security and Profitability.

  • Our Partners: We are dedicated to your success as our partners.  We succeed when you succeed. We’ll work closely with your team on planning, training, marketing, sales, and support. Our partner-centric solutions deliver the fastest path to increasing margins and opportunities.
  • Quality: For our partners to have success in selling our products, you have to believe in them. We have the highest level of quality products with the lowest Field Failure Rate (FFR) in the industry. You can rest assured you are providing your customers with the best!
  • Security: Security is a growing concern in IoT, and it should be! With more and more IoT products being connected, how do you know it is secure? Lantronix allows you to offer your customers the most advanced and comprehensive security framework of any IoT product on the market.
  • Profitability: As you know, industry hardware margins on enterprise type products have continually decreased, but with our robust product line and feature sets you can rest assured you will have higher margins and more money to fuel your business.

The SmartEdge Partner Program Offers Three Partnership Levels

Edge Partners gain access to deal registration discounts, SPIF programs, incentive and rebate programs, discounted demo equipment and online training plus access to the Lantronix partner portal.

Strategic Edge Partners gain access to the above plus co-branded marketing collateral, co-op marketing funds, Weblink in the Lantronix Partner Locator, sales engineer support, MDF
funds, live product demonstrations, live training, access to pre-qualified lead referrals, and in-depth product and sales training certifications.

Distributor Edge Partners gain access to deal registration discounts, online training, Weblink in the Lantronix Partner Locator, sales engineer support, MDF funds, live product demonstrations, live trainings, plus access to the Lantronix partner portal.

Top Reasons to Partner with Lantronix

  • Make more money
  • Differentiate your offering
  • Product innovation and customer satisfication
  • We’re easy to work with

Deal Registration Discount
SPIF Programs Limited Better
Incentive and Rebate Programs Limited Better


Access to Partner Portal

Discounted Demo Equipment Good Better
Joint Marketing Activities
Online Training
Co-Brand Marketing Collateral Better
Access to Co-op Marketing Funds
Website Link in our Partner Locater
Sales Engineer Support
MDF Funds*
Live Product Demonstrations
Live Training
Access to Sales Leads Better
Product and Sales Training Certification Coming Soon

*Contract needed

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