About Our Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed upon by you and Lantronix in a written contract, the appropriate Terms below govern the purchase and sale of products, software and services by Lantronix. Purchases of Lantronix products made from distributors, retailers or other resellers will be subject to terms and conditions of sale as may be separately established by each such distributor, retailer or reseller, which are not binding upon Lantronix unless otherwise expressly agreed to. Additional terms and conditions may apply to your purchase of Lantronix products, such as limited warranties and software license agreements.

General Terms of Sale

Lantronix’ Commercial Terms of Sale govern the sale of Lantronix products to commercial customers purchasing directly from Lantronix through written purchase orders.

Reseller Terms of Sale

Lantronix’ Reseller Terms of Sale govern the sale of Lantronix products, licensed software products and services by Lantronix or authorized distributors that the buyer (persons or entities) intends to resell to commercial and public end users.