IT / Remote Data Center Management

Troubleshoot Any Equipment from Anywhere—Even if the Network is Down

No matter where you are located, you can connect to your equipment throughout the world, then diagnose and remediate problems remotely. Imagine the cost and time savings your business will realize when you no longer have to deploy labor forces to accomplish exactly what you can now do from a central data center. Even more—with Lantronix, you are not hampered by a down network. It simply makes no difference.

Keep Top Talent Centralized

Tired of not having your top people available for strategy meetings because they are in the field putting out fires? Lantronix helps you keep them home, where they belong. When equipment can be managed remotely, there’s no need to get on a plane and be there in person. Just think of all the time and energy that will be saved.

Ideal for Your Business

One of the benefits of working with our technology is it is customizable to virtually any equipment in the world—making it a perfect fit for any application in any industry. Think of us as the host for your wildest networking dreams.

Finding New Revenue Streams While Expanding Server Management

The Planet, the world’s leading provider of On-Demand IT infrastructure solutions, needed a non-traditional solution to get better access of its distributed server equipment from a central point of access. Using Lantronix’ Spider offered them the flexibility and scalability they needed—and worked so well, The Planet was able to realize a new revenue stream with the new range and value offered by its data centers.

“By utilizing the Spider, we have been able to significantly scale the amount of equipment we can monitor at once, which provides our customers with the type of remote management solution they require to ensure their assets are constantly up and running. Overall, the Spider was an ideal fit.”

— Aaron Conklin, Project Manager, The Planet

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Hospital Networking

Maintain the Highest Security for Patient Records – And Easy Access for Staff

Being responsible for securing patient data within a hospital setting is difficult. With information flowing from so many devices in every room, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the data flow securely to one central location and be assured of encryption the whole way? Lantronix technology provides leading edge data encryption and user authentication to avoid breaches.

Real Time, Full-Picture Patient Stats, Any Time

Even with all that security, doctors and nurses are still able to easily and efficiently access patient records whenever needed, from anywhere in the hospital. Lantronix devices assist you in not only connecting devices to a central station, but to each other so they can provide doctors and nurses with a full picture of a patient’s health at any given moment in time.

Helping Devices Test and Report Results on a Mobile Network

LifeScan targeted a need within hospitals to enable more frequent, automatic blood glucose level reporting—and to get those results in the hands of doctors and nurses as quickly as possible. This meant finding a way to enable glucose monitors to test automatically, then securely send the results over a wireless network so it could be accessed from mobile devices. LifeScan partnered with Lantronix using the WiBox® technology to deliver a scalable solution for Point of Care glucose monitoring.

“Lantronix’ wireless technology enabled us to bring this revolutionary product to market quickly so we can provide healthcare professionals a mobile, real-time testing and reporting tool to improve the quality of patient care.”

— Paul Hausman, Senior Marketing Manager, LifeScan

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Branch Office Managment

Manage Satellite Offices Securely, Without On-Site Personnel

Branch offices face unique challenges when it comes to managing IT equipment. Either they try to get by without dedicated IT personnel on-site, or they have someone dedicated whose talents would probably be better used elsewhere. With Lantronix, this conundrum is no more.

Secure, 24/7 Access to Information and Applications

Lantronix offers you the ability to manage, diagnose and even troubleshoot every piece of equipment throughout your branch offices from a central location, as if you were there on-site. LinuxTM, Unix® and Windows® 2003 servers, routers, switches, telecommunications equipment, building access equipment can all be easily controlled from your central data center with Lantronix technology.

Providing Remote Access to Unmanned Wireless Sites

Irish Broadband, Ireland’s leading wireless broadband provider, needed reliable, 24/7 remote access to equipment in its sites which were often in remote, rugged terrain. By implementing Lantronix technology, they improved service quality, cut network maintenance costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

“With Lantronix technology, we’ve been able to further improve our quality of service, which is a major benefit to our customers and our main source of revenue. In addition, we were able to significantly reduce our spending on network maintenance and recovered our investment within the first month of installation.”

— Niall Clyne, Vice President of Operations, Irish Broadband

Educational Facilities

Ensure a Safe Campus and Minimize the Possibility of System Downtime

Managing multiple data centers is a serious challenge for the IT staff of a university or other educational campus. Not only do you need to ensure the security of student records—but you need to keep the HVAC and building security systems running consistently, keep laboratory equipment functioning, and more. Power concerns, high costs, and simply not having enough people to manage it all are common problems. With Lantronix technology, those days are over.

Access Your Entire System 24/7 from a Single, Central Location

Latronix provides secure console servers to schools, colleges and universities allowing remote access and troubleshooting at any time. Encyrpted connections provide authorized users with access to HVAC, building access systems, equipment closets, laboratory equipment—and virtually anything else you choose to connect. Many problems can now be solved remotely without sending a technician on-site at all.

Managing Campus-Wide IT Assets with a Secure Central Access Point

The College of New Jersey was suffering from an inability to meet all the demands of the large campus environment with a small IT staff who simply could not be everywhere they needed to be at all times. The college desperately needed the ability to easily access, quickly configure, and repair equipment from anywhere, any time. Lantronix Out of Band Management (OOBM) products provided them with the capabilities they needed—facilitating proactive maintenance, fast response times, and centralized management—ultimately consolidating operations and minimizing costs.

“We were in need of solutions that could not only extend our IT capabilities, but also ensure the security of out students, faculty and staff. Lantronix [Out of Band Management (OOBM)] was an ideal solution because it provided all the tools we needed and worked out-of-the-box with minimal configuration to get up and running quickly.”

— Shawn Sivy, Associate Dir. of Networking, The College of New Jersey

Example Applications

Example Applications

Lantronix will transform IT departments and data centers in these industries and more:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking / financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturers
  • Corporations
  • Universities
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