Helping Clients to Help Themselves

The Challenge:

Help netdirekt provide secure remote KVM-IP access to allow its clients to perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting and virtual media without engaging netdirekt’s technical support department.

The Solution:

Attach a Lantronix Spider to a client’s server, either permanently or on an as-needed basis, to enable direct access of the server console.

The Benefit:

With the Lantronix Spider, netdirekt’s clients can perform routine maintenance, install operating software or troubleshoot their servers 24/7 or on an as-needed basis.

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“Before we started using the Spider, if a client had a problem, our technical support team was blocked up to 30 minutes with one issue by helping the client manually. Now, helping a client is as quick and easy as connecting a Spider.” – Wiethold Wagner, President

Contact Info:

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