The College of New Jersey

Simple, Secure Management Over IT Equipment in the Campus Environment

The Challenge:

In a large campus environment, provide the small IT staff the ability to easily access and quickly configure, troubleshoot and repair attached equipment from anywhere, at anytime.

The Solution:

Lantronix secure remote management solutions provided the ability to remotely manage campus-wide IT assets through a single and secure central point of access.

The Benefit:

Remote monitoring capabilities facilitate proactive maintenance and faster response time; and centralized management seamlessly integrates IT equipment, consolidating system operations and minimizing costs.

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tcnjsol it dataThe data center has become the lifeblood that drives today’s enterprise. Whether it’s a major corporation, a hospital or a university, maintaining 100% uptime is crucial. In a campus environment, students and faculty rely on the campus network for everything from research and communications to turning in assignments and checking grades. Therefore, ensuring the university’s network is up and running 24×7 is crucial to maintaining a productive campus.

IMG_slm_medThe Situation:

Easy & Remote Management of IT Equipment in a Large Campus Environment

The College of New Jersey, located in Ewing, NJ has nearly 7,000 students and 330 faculty members who rely heavily on the college network at all hours of the day. With 41 buildings spread across 289 tree-lined acres, the college’s IT department is called on to manage nearly 10,000 Ethernet ports campus-wide. With a limited staff of only one full-time network engineer and two system administrators, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of all the university’s IT assets (what is connected where). And if a problem did occur, valuable time was wasted by physically having to travel through the large campus to each building with the problem equipment.
The College of New Jersey needed a robust solution that provided remote, out-of-band access to its production, disaster recovery servers and network solutions while maintaining the current service response times and staffing levels. In addition, with funding for state colleges shrinking and students expecting higher quality services, the college needed a solution that was reliable, yet cost-effective.

IMG_slc_family-w-logoThe Solution:

Secure, Consolidated Management Solutions Providing Out-of-Band Control & Access

Needing to “do less with more,” The College of New Jersey turned to Lantronix and its Out of Band Management (OOBM) product line to provide solutions that would allow them to manage and control their equipment and servers more efficiently than before.

By utilizing Lantronix SLC secure console servers and SLP remote power managers, the college now has remote, serial console access to its servers and network equipment in the data center and the network equipment in the freshmen dorms and new library.

But, even with this secure remote management capability, there is still the challenge of being able to locate IT assets quickly from a central point of access. The Lantronix management appliance, Lantronix SLM, provides simultaneous port access providing the IT department the ability to locate and manage every piece of equipment connected to an SLC or SLP throughout the entire network. Now with secure, consolidated management of all attached equipment, the limited IT staff is able to monitor and troubleshoot issues – even upload new firmware – remotely using a secure VPN from home or anywhere else.

“We were in need of solutions that could not only extend our IT capabilities, but also ensure the security of our students, faculty and staff,” said Shawn Sivy, associate director of networking for The College of New Jersey. “Lantronix Out of Band Management (OOBM) product line was an ideal solution because it provided all the tools we needed and worked out-of-the-box with minimal configuration to get up and running quickly.”

The Result:

Quicker Response Time While Consolidating Operations & Minimizing Costs

By utilizing Lantronix SLC and SLP the college was able to easily connect their servers and power managers to the network in order to monitor, manage and control their assets from virtually anywhere. With Lantronix SLM, they were able to integrate all this equipment with one, centralized solution, which provided them with a secure gateway to the attached equipment simplifying the manager’s job.

In addition, by utilizing Lantronix solutions, The College of New Jersey has been able to consolidate their system operations and minimize costs. This has allowed them to increase the number of servers and network devices without increasing staffing and still providing the type of network the university expects. With the ability to troubleshoot and repair connected equipment from anywhere, anytime, they were also able to ensure a quicker response time. In addition, the out-of-band connectivity has allowed their network administrators to be virtually anywhere in the world and still maintain a secure and always-up data center.

The Lantronix Advantage

  • Achieve True Lights-Out, Out-of-Band Management — IT administrators are able to manage the network and IT assets from virtually anywhere over the Internet even if the network is down.
  • Help Ensure 100% Uptime — Remote access allows for quick troubleshooting and repairing of servers and IT equipment anytime, anywhere.
  • Minimize Operation Costs — Consolidating data and system management operations allows the opportunity for dramatic cost savings.
  • Consolidate Management of IT Infrastructure — Provides a secure, central point of access to all equipment with centralized console logging.

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