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The Challenge: Help XLHost enhance remote KVM-IP access through the use of a single-port device to enable customers to more securely perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Solution: Attach a Lantronix SecureLinx Spider™ to the customer’s server, enabling that customer to directly access the server console and quickly resolve problems.

The Result: The Lantronix SecureLinx Spider not only enhances remote management security for XLHost’s customers who request it, XLHost has actual turned the solution into a profit center by charging $35 per month per SecureLinx Spider.

“We needed a solution that works every time and is easy to use. Since day one, the Lantronix SecureLinx Spider has been a tremendously beneficial addition to our products/services. It gives us and our customers peace of mind.” Drew Weaver, Head System and Network Engineer

The Challenge: Being the Host with the Most in Self Service

Since 2000, XLHost has been at the forefront of making new technologies available to its customers and offering as many leading-edge, self-service options as possible. In 2006, XLHost began employing KVM over IP (or KVM-IP) to extend keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) control over an IP network to virtually anywhere in the world. This solution enables XLHost’s customers to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting on their own servers without involving XLHost’s technical support, saving time and money for both the customer and XLHost.

Until 2008, XLHost had been using a relatively high-priced multi-port device for its KVM-IP solution. Despite the fact that the solution had 24 ports, only four users could use it at any time, essentially limiting its value. XLHost began researching options for a single-port solution that would be less expensive and provide a higher level of security for its customers.

The Solution: Lantronix Serves up Some Added Security

XLHost was intrigued by the idea of eliminating the need for an external power supply as well as separate network requirements for out-of-band management. After careful research, the company selected the Lantronix SecureLinx Spider KVM-IP device, a next-generation hardware-based server management solution and the only product on the market that offers a flexible, scalable and affordable remote access KVM-IP solution in a cable-friendly, compact “zero-footprint” package.

There are many tasks that a system administrator might need to perform that either require taking a system offline or that render traditional means of remote access, such as RDP or SSH, unavailable. Because the SecureLinx Spider is hardwired directly to the server, it eliminates server-to-switch CAT5 cable distance limitations and gives system administrators unblocked, 24/7 access to their hosted servers, enabling them to resolve issues without delay.

Unlike traditional KVM-IP devices, where multiple dedicated servers connect to a single KVM-IP switch, each SecureLinx Spider is connected to a single dedicated server, effectively increasing the security of remote management. In addition, the SecureLinx Spider provides one of the lowest “cost-perremote-user” server management solutions available and requires no external power supply, a feature that solidified the deal for XLHost.

The Results: Customers Benefit from XLHost’s Hospitality

XLHost customers can now request a dedicated SecureLinx Spider to be attached to one or more of their hosted servers, allowing their IT administrators to remotely perform such tasks as routine maintenance, server reboot and virtual media without engaging XLHost’s technical support department. According to Drew Weaver, head system and network engineer for XLHost, “Whether they’re in Kentucky or Kabul, our customers can perform tasks on their servers as if they were right in our datacenter.” Not only does this save XLHost and the customer time and money, XLHost has turned the KVM-IP solution into a profit center by charging $35 per month per dedicated SecureLinx Spider. With a current deployment of more than 250 SecureLinx Spiders, XLHost currently enjoys a revenue lift of nearly $9000 per month per 18-month contract.

XLHost continues to grow with a development roadmap well into the future, and that roadmap includes partnering with Lantronix. Says Weaver, “Lantronix always works very hard to get us great pricing. Their support has been top notch, and every time they release new software for the device it just gets better and better.”

About XLHost

Over the past ten years, XLHost has become a leader in self-managed dedicated server hosting. XLHost provides a rock solid hosting foundation in every aspect of its service offering, allowing customers to spend less time worrying about their dedicated servers and more time focusing on their business. XLHost empowers users to succeed in many ways, from providing industry leading server hardware, including components and servers from brand names such as Intel, Seagate, and Dell, to its “no compromises” network and datacenter.

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