AVTECH Software, Inc.

Warding OFF Disasters in Data Centers and Across Networks

The Challenge:

Provide a means to remotely monitor and manage potential environmental disasters in corporate IT data centers such as extreme temperature, humidity, power loss, or smoke before expensive IT equipment fails or is damaged.

The Solution:

AVTECH Software, using Lantronix technology, developed an advanced real-time, secure line of IT environmental monitoring solutions that provide remote accessibility using any standard web browser.

The Benefit:

Remote monitoring and control of critical data center environmental elements providing access from anywhere at anytime, to minimize downtime and avoid costly hardware replacement, labor and related inconveniences.

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Monitoring the data center environment is a crucial aspect to maintaining network uptime. Because computer network equipment operates most effectively within a specific range of environmental conditions, potentially catastrophic results can occur if the environment is unstable. In fact, temperature extremes are the most common cause of hardware failure, which leads to expensive downtime.

The Situation:

Remotely Monitor & Manage Data Center Environmental Conditions

AVTECH Software has 20 years of industry leading experience manufacturing IT monitoring software and hardware for data centers of all sizes. AVTECH customers include the White House, The United Nations, over 80 percent of the Fortune 1000, almost all branches of the U.S. government and many other organizations of all types and sizes.

AVTECH’s challenge was to provide solutions that enable organizations to remotely monitor and manage critical environmental conditions in the data center from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day. This solution needed to provide a window to temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, and even room entry so data center managers can be immediately alerted and take corrective action.

The Solution:

Effective Early Warning System that Combines Device Servers, IT Monitoring and Alerting Technologies

In order to meet the disaster-protection needs of its customers via an easy network development, AVTECH incorporated Lantronix Device Server™ technology into their environmental-monitoring products. This gave users the ability to securely and remotely monitor the data center environment from virtually anywhere over the Internet. Device Servers provide the ability to securely access serial devices over Ethernet or 802.11 b/g wireless networks.

When combined with AVTECH’s hardware and software solutions developed for IT environmental monitoring, the result is an enhanced disaster-protection solution for data centers and expensive IT equipment.

AVTECH decided on the Lantronix XPort embedded networking module because of its ease-of-integration into their existing product design. XPort is an extremely compact, integrated Device Server that gives OEMs the ability to quickly and easily design Ethernet networking capabilities to virtually any device with a serial (UART) interface. Smaller than the average thumb, XPort includes all the essential features to network-enable OEM equipment, including a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet connection, proven operating system, an embedded web server, email alerts, a full TCP/IP protocol stack, and 256-bit AES encryption for secure communications.

With these advanced networking functions, XPort enabled AVTECH to embed intelligence such as remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades, automation and control, power management, onboard web server, SNMP monitoring and more, into its Room Alert™ and TemPageR™ monitoring products.

The Result:

Minimize Downtime and Avoidance of Costly Equipment Repair and Replacement

With these network-ready “intelligent devices,” system administrators now have a real-time, early warning system for rack cabinets, network or telecom closets, computer rooms, data centers, operating rooms, laboratories or other facilities. This can be an invaluable tool to detect abnormal conditions and enable managers to remedy potentially disastrous situations immediately and before they become costly.

The ultimate benefit of AVTECH’s network-enabled Room Alert and TemPageR products is that they give organizations of all types and sizes the resources to minimize downtime and avoid costly hardware replacement due to IT environmental concerns. Lantronix assisted AVTECH with their commitment to make the monitoring and management of computer systems, servers, networks and data center environments easier by providing powerful, easy to use software and hardware network connectivity solutions. The combination saves time and money for customers while improving operational efficiency and preparedness.

“The need for proactive environmental management solutions has become a priority for many data centers around the world, particularly as sensitivity to downtime has increased,” said Michael Sigourney, senior product specialist for AVTECH. “By partnering with Lantronix, we are able to provide end users with the technology to effectively manage what is happening in the data center and ensure they are aware of any changes in real time.”

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