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Lantronix E210 Series Routers - ATM Monitoring Solution

Securely Transmit ATM Video and Data 24/7

Each ATM requires an advanced security system to detect tampering, sabotage attempts and robbery. The system is comprised of an IP camera for video surveillance and motion detection sensors. The video and sensor data must be transmitted in real-time to a central control center via a high-speed router over VPN.

Argus Secure Technologies was challenged to find a reliable, secure and durable router that would meet the real-time video requirements of its ATM security solution. The router needed to be able to reliably and securely transmit large amounts of data originating from a high-resolution camera to the bank’s central control center on a 24/7 uninterrupted basis.

The router had to enable the entire video and data stream to be transmitted over the bank’s secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), not the unsecured public Internet. As well, it had to meet the banking industry’s strict regulatory requirements.

The Solution:

E210 Reliable, Secure and Durable Router

To provide live video streaming and data transition for the ATM security solution, Argus Secure Technologies chose Lantronix’s highest resolution router, the Lantronix E210 router (E214#078 4G Cat 1). Using the Lantronix E210 router, the bank’s 1,000 ATM locations are able to send 24/7 live video streaming to the central command center.

24/7 Live Video Streaming Each ATM hosts one IP camera that is positioned to capture the faces of the ATM users. The router also transmits data from security alarm sensors such as outer door open/close and ATM cash door open/close.

Fast Transmission Speeds The Lantronix E210 router has a 4G air transfer speed of 10MBPS downlink and 5MBPS uplink and also features a fallback on 3G HSPA, which makes live streaming possible from the IP cameras.

Reliability and Security – Dual sim and built-in intelligence, including a network connectivity
watchdog, helps to maintain a very high level of uptime with minimal interruptions. IPSec VPN
provides a highly secured path for the data to be transm itt ed to the bank’ s control center.

“We chose Lantronix E210 routers for use in our customer’s 1,000 ATM branches. The routers quickly and reliably transmit video and data to ensure security of the ATMs.”

Anshul Ramani, Argus Secure Technologies

Lantronix E210 Series product higlights

The Benefit:

Results: a Secure, Reliable, Regulatory-Compliant Solution

With the Lantronix E210 routers, the bank can monitor its 1,000+ ATMs on a real-time basis.
Receiving the video and data in real-time enables
the command center to detect any malicious intent and report to regional security officers for
rapid action.
At each ATM locat ion , the Lantronix E210 router quickly tran sfers video at high data rates and
also transfers data from the alarm panel, showing when the outer door is open or closed as well as
when the cash door is open or closed.

“We have been impressed with the reliability, quality and durability of Lantronix E210 routers, which provide stable wireless communication over 4G.”

Anshul Ramani, Argus Secure Technologies

Benefits Include:

  • Real-time ATM monitoring, improving security
  • Ability to immediately respond to tampering, sabotage or robbery attempts
  • Increased environment safety for ATM users
  • Adherence to strict regulations