Hotel Marcel & Sinclair Digital

The hotel owner had an ambitious goal of creating a model for environmental sustainability by building a net-zero energy hotel that would operate entirely on the energy it creates.

Challenges included:
• Accommodating a very tight timeline
• Identifying and implementing the most efficient energy technologies
• Retrofitting a 50-year-old historic building

The Solution:

The hotel’s team turned to Lantronix, a leader in delivering high-end Power over Ethernet solutions for smart buildings; and Sinclair Digital Services, experts in delivering sustainable, safer power sources that enable efficiency, cut costs and provide a positive experience for building occupants.

To provide power to support the hotel’s renewable on-site energy generation solution, the hotel’s team chose Lantronix’s Smart Managed Gigabit Power over Ethernet++ (PoE++) switch. The only UL-certified switch with true 24×90-watt power and direct high-voltage DC power, Lantronix’s PoE++ switch supports the latest PoE standard, ensuring the highest possible integration with the other smart building solutions. The Lantronix team worked with its partner to customize the PoE++ functionality to ensure that it would meet the hotel’s unique power needs.

The Benefit:

Supported by Lantronix’s customized PoE++ switch and a smooth and integrated installation by Sinclair Digital Services, the hotel generates 100 percent of its own electricity and energy to power, automate and control all of its electrical systems, including lighting, automatic window shades, heating and hot water as well as the guest room refrigerators.

The country’s first net-zero energy hotel, Hotel Marcel is also one of the first Passive House-certified hotels and one of fewer than a dozen LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum-certified hotels in the country.