Lantronix FOX3 Gateway Powers SATLOG Fleet Telematics Solution

Fleet Telematics Solutions Optimized

In fleet management, the cost of failure, such as vehicle recall that results in interruption of service, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. SATLOG’s mission was to create a mobile telematics solution designed to enhance fleet productivity and reduce costly failures.

Challenges include:

  • Finding a ruggedized tracker for harsh industrial environments
  • Ensuring self-maintenance of the tracker, including device management
  • Providing the ability to customize the edge to meet specific requirements, such as stop analysis by motion sensors incorporated in FOX3
  • Delivering proven integration with Oracle, which REST-enables the proprietaryFOX3 protocols
  • Having the ability to quickly make adjustments to capture customized data

The Solution:

Lantronix FOX3 Series Telematic Gateway

To remotely capture and securely share fleet information, SATLOG chose Lantronix FOX3 series telematics gateways. The FOX3 is a gateway that is incorporated into the SATLOG Ecosystem and transfers stop times, driving events, latitude, longitude, KM/mile Fuel, Temperature, Tire Pressure (Continental tire pressure system), Alerts from the Preco TurnAssistant to the Cloud as well to the removable SATLOG Truck Tablets installed in the cockpit of the truck. Truck drivers can also generate electronic Proof of Delivery documents with detailed delivery timestamp information, including the temperature of the truck body transferred from FOX3 to the Tablet by RS232. The FOX3 tracker connects by
RS232 to a special SATLOG Android™ Truck Tablet for job distribution, navigation and rearview camera usage.

Captured data is sent to the cloud where it can be accessed remotely via the Web or desktop application by authorized personnel, including dispatchers, management, partners, customers, mapping systems, IR reports, order management and more.

In addition, utilizing a Telematik-Server powered by Oracle 12c APEX5 and a CommServer, the system is integrated with the back-office system for route optimization.

The Benefit:

Actionable Insights That Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

Utilizing Lantronix’s FOX3 Tracker in addition to the Truck Tablet, SATLOG does TourPlanning and sends optimized routes to the Tablet’s navigation system. FOX3 collects and securely shares the actual data, which becomes the foundation for analytics data that provide actionable insights to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Secure sharing via the cloud enables authorized personnel at distributed operations locations to gain remote access to the SATLOG Portal for Remote Control of Vehicles via the Web or Desktop application.

SATLOG tracks more than 2.8 million stops and 600,000 events from vehicles
per month.

“ Utilizing Lantronix’s FOX3 Tracker, SATLOG collects critical data from each fleet vehicle, including analytics data that provide actionable insights to increase efficiency and cut costs.”

– Dr. Jürgen Stausberg, Managing Director, SATLOG GmbH