Bryte Light & BryComm at Texas School District

Increase Efficiency, Cost-Savings and Security with POE Lights
The school district worked with Bryte Light, a Lantronix Value-Added Reseller (VAR), with support from BryComm, a Texas-based low-voltage contractor, to create and install the Intelligent Lighting solution, which includes the Lantronix 24-Port Managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch. For installation in the technologically advanced buildings, the lighting solution needed to include:

  • Interoperability between the lighting, HVAC, automation systems, fire alarm, security cameras and access control
  • Automated notifications for decision makers from intelligent sensors in the smart lighting
  • Ability to control each individual fixture via local keypads or automation
  • Sensor to provide information on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, occupancy, photocell and humidity and temperature capabilities

The Solution:

Lantronix 24-Port Managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch
The Lantronix 24-port Managed Gigabit Ethernet Power-over-Ethernet++ (PoE++) Switch (SM24TBT2DPA) is a high-performance, Layer 2 managed switch with 52 Gbps switching capacity. It is ideal for use in Intelligent LED lighting, digital signage and other applications with higher power needs. Lantronix’s Network Web Interface provides a rich user interface to easily configure the switch locally, run diagnostics and view a device-level network topology map to provide additional control and management of the intelligent lighting system. As well, soft reboot and auto power reset ensure the LED lighting can be easily managed with maximum uptime.

The Benefit:

RESULTS: 41.4 Percent Reduction in Energy Usage
Utilizing the Lantronix POE++ Lighting Switch, the school district exceeded its energy savings goals, achieving a 41.4 percent reduction in energy usage. It also significantly reduced its carbon footprint by 129,726 kWH annually, which equals approximately 0.85 pounds of carbon, the equivalent of 177 mature trees cleaning the air.

This energy usage reduction results in an annual savings of $33,665. As well, the lighting lifespan is double that of traditional lighting, reducing material costs and eliminating the 40-hour-per-week maintenance requirement to change light bulbs. In addition, because the lighting hue can be adjusted, it also provides a better learning environment for students, including Tunable White Lighting with Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).

Results included:

  • Greater control of lighting via centralized server
  • Tunable classroom lighting from warm to cool (automated or via local keypad)
  • Automated notifications from intelligent sensors
  • Remote control via laptop or tablet
  • Predictive analytics for operational efficiency
  • Lower maintenance requirements than traditional lighting
  • Integration with HVAC equipment and automation systems
  • Increased building security via automated lighting
  • Reduced material and maintenance costs