Pro Golf Tournament Case Study

Lantronix Drives Secure Connectivity and Power for Pro-Golf Tournament

Success Highlights

• Delivers secure data transfer and power
• Performs reliably in harsh and hot conditions
• Provides automatic remote device configuration
• Delivers time-saving deployment features
• Features Device Management System (DMS)

Case Study Overview

To gather and distribute scoring data and player statistical information in real-time, most live sports events use data collection platforms. For this top national pro-golf tournament, optical tracking cameras are used to capture ball movement data to supplement other laser-based measurements. For an easy-to-manage network switch solution for reliable connectivity and power, the tournament tech team turned to Lantronix.

CHALLENGE: Securely Transporting Pro Golf Tournament Stats

The pro-golf tournament needed a way to securely transport the data recorded by play-capturing cameras to the analysis team and to power the devices that assist the cameras in gathering essential gameplay  information. Because the camera enclosures lack airflow and can become extremely hot environments, the solution must withstand these harsh conditions, providing a reliable solution.

“Even in hot and harsh conditions, the Lantronix switches provide reliable connectivity and power to meet the real-time needs of gathering gameplay stats for the pro golf tournament.”

– Jon Collins, senior product manager, Lantronix Inc

SOLUTION: Lantronix Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switches

After extensive testing to ensure continuous connectivity and consistent power in high temperatures, the tournament tech team chose:.

  • • Lantronix’s Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switch (SISPM1040-384-LRT-C)
  • • Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Rack Mountable Switch (SISPM1040-3248-L)

The Lantronix switches provide secure connectivity and power while meeting the temperature and environment requirements unique to operating on a golf course. The solution includes embedded Device Management System (DMS) software that makes the switch upkeep simple. It provides time-saving features, enabling end-users to establish and document a baseline deployment and automatically discover and remotely configure attached powered devices located across each tournament course.

“The Lantronix switches transfer high-resolution video and data in real time to the server, ensuring that valuable gameplay data securely reaches analysts for accurate stats and scoring.”

– Jon Collins, senior product manager, Lantronix Inc.

RESULTS: Lantronix Switches Enable Delivery of Real-Time Player Stats

By enabling secure data transfer of high-resolution camera footage, the Lantronix switching solution enables the tournament to gain more accurate play-by-play results in real-time throughout the tournament, which is a huge benefit to the event analysts, commentators, spectators and players.