Lantronix Supports MIC in Development of Sickbay IoT Solution

INDUSTRY: Medical & Healthcare
Lantronix Supports MIC in Development of Sickbay IoT Solution

Success Highlights:

  • Contributed to the creation of a secure medical IoT solution
  • Delivered a portable, secure, flexible and affordable connectivity solution
  • Enabled network connectivity to legacy medical equipment
  • Supported remote monitoring of patients’ vitals in real-time

Case Study Overview:

Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC) Sickbay™ solution collects patient data from the bedside and transforms it into Web-based apps. Designed to help empower healthcare teams to save more lives with data, Sickbay is the only FDA-cleared, vendor-neutral, SaaS-based virtual care and analytics platform originally created for hospital ICUs with the ability to rapidly scale across the entire healthcare enterprise. Sickbay enables members of the healthcare team to provide care from command centers, homes, offices and other locations to not only decrease exposure in ICU rooms in the short term but also enable a new standard of care delivery through software-based remote monitoring from any location.

“ Lantronix’s xDirect Server provides the secure, remote connectivity needed to share Sickbay’s bedside information with virtual command centers.” – Heather Hitchcock, Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Informatics Corp.

Challenge: Enable Secure, Remote Patient Monitoring

Today, most non-networked medical devices, such as ventilators, pulse oximeters, anesthesia machines and other patient monitoring devices, only provide information at the bedside. Even though they have limited (or no) data storage, these devices have serial ports capable of sending data to other downstream systems. To accomplish this goal, MIC needed secure connectivity between a major manufacturer’s switch devices and the patients’ bedside monitors.

Solution: Lantronix xDirect Serial-to-Ethernet Server

MIC chose Lantronix’s xDirect Serial-to-Ethernet Server, a proven solution
from an established company, to deliver secure connectivity between a major
manufacturer’s switch devices and bedside monitoring equipment.

  • Delivering the easiest and shortest path to network xDirect comes with a
    built-in Web server that provides:
  • The ability to remotely access and configure bedside monitoring devices using a standard Web browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet;
  • Plug-and-play simplicity; and
  • Small form factor, multiple power options and robust device server application connectivity.

Results: Lantronix xDirect Delivers Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Lantronix xDirect met the goal of providing secure, remote connectivity for MIC’s Sickbay platform, creating a secure, intelligent IoT solution. With xDirect, Sickbay can collect important patient data from the bedside, including high-fidelity timeseries waveforms needed for virtual care and AI to reduce exposure for medical professionals while enabling Web-based access to bedside data to help improve care delivery, care collaboration and outcomes.

Benefits include:

  • Secure connectivity of bedside monitoring equipment
  • Continuous upload of data from bedside monitoring devices
  • Real-time remote patient monitoring via a remote command center
  • Remote monitoring of up to 100 patients per command center
  • Rapidly scale any hospital bed into a monitored ICU bed

“Using Lantronix xDirect Server, we are helping hospitals unlock data that has never before been available to support a new standard of data-driven care.” – Heather Hitchcock, Chief Marketing Officer, Medical Informatics Corp

About Sickbay

Empowering healthcare providers to improve care delivery, Sickbay from MIC Healthcare is a single, FDA-cleared, software-based monitoring and analytics platform. Sickbay transforms data into actionable information to help patient care teams make better, faster decisions and save lives.

Sickbay features Web-based applications for data-driven medicine and patient-centered care that enable remote patient monitoring and patient-centered AI at scale, all on a single, flexible, vendor-neutral architecture.

Sickbay capabilities include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Waveform integration
  • Predictive medicine
  • Risk stratification

About Lantronix xDirect Server (Model # XDT10P0-01-S)

  • Portable, plug-and-play Ethernet connectivity
  • Integrated Ethernet port and serial cable
  • Built-in Web server that uses a standard Web browser
  • Serial plug-and-play connectivity to virtually any device
  • Easy-to-configure TCP/IP connection to serial devices
  • Compact and sleek form factor

About Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC)

Medical Informatics Corp (MIC) is empowering a new standard of healthcare by accessing, synthesizing and delivering patient-specific data to clinicians to save and improve lives. Through its FDA-cleared Sickbay™ virtual care and analytics platform, MIC provides a singular, interconnected architecture that helps hospitals solve clinical needs to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies. 

About Lantronix

Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of Software as a Service (SaaS), connectivity services, engineering services, intelligent hardware and turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Remote Environment Management (REM). Lantronix enables its customers to provide reliable and secure solutions while accelerating time to market.