Lantronix Empowers Whisper to Reimagine Hearing With AI Hearing System

Reimagine Hearing Systems

After seeing family members struggle with hearing loss, the co-founders of Whisper decided to reinvent the way hearing systems work by utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning and powerful processing. Their goal was to use technology to help users hear better and to use machine learning to improve the system over time.

The Solution:

Lantronix Open-Q 820 µSOM

Like a traditional hearing aid, the Whisper Hearing System has earpieces with tiny microphones. What makes it unique is the pocket-sized power and intelligence of the Whisper Brain, which is powered by the Lantronix Open-Q 820 µSOM.

The Benefit:

An Affordable Prototype and Speed to Market

Utilizing the Open-Q 820 µSOM enabled the designers to revolutionize hearing systems by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and wireless technology.Unlike traditional hearing aids, the Open-Q 820 µSOM’s unique architecture combines traditional powerful CPU cores with a unique advanced digital signaling processor, resulting in efficient power consumption while reducing sound delays and providing advanced separation of speech from background noise.

“Utilizing Lantronix Open-Q 820 µSOM, we were able to create the Whisper Hearing System, giving people with hearing loss a technologically advanced way to hear better.”

Shlomo Zippel, Co-Founder of Whisper