Flock Safety

The Challenge:

The Solution:

Solution: Lantronix Open-Q™ 624A SOMs

Utilizing Lantronix’s Open-Q 624A SOM, its Development Kit and a custom carrier board designed by Lantronix’s engineers, the Flock Safety team was able to quickly and cost-effectively build a purpose-built core platform for its safety system.

The Benefit:

Results: Flock Safety Cameras Fight Crime With Technology

Quickly build a market-ready prototype
• Provide an affordable solution that helps contain development costs
• Get to production and market faster
• Deliver a powerful yet affordable safety device

About Flock Safety 

Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, Flock Safety is a public safety-as-a-service company for neighborhoods, law enforcement, and cities who want the whole community to work together in building a safer future.


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