Brooklyn Hospital

Brooklyn Hospital chooses Lantronix Remote Management Solution:

Out-of-Band Solution Empowers IT Team to Manage 10 Sites

INDUSTRY: Medical & Connected Healthcare

Success Highlights

  • Centralized, out-of-band network management
  • Easier remote deployment of Cisco networking gear
  • Locally stored configuration files
  • Reduced need to physically visit remote sites

Case Study Overview

Founded in 1845, The Brooklyn Hospital Center (THBC) is the oldest hospital in Brooklyn, New York. This independent community hospital provides health services, education and research to millions of New Yorkers via its 464-bed hospital in Brooklyn as well as family health centers, medical practices and ambulatory care sites in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. THBC chose Lantronix’s out-of-band solution for centralized, network management, remote deployment of networking gear and to enable local access to and storage of configuration files.

“Lantronix Out-of-Band solution has given us remote access to monitor and control our network resources from virtually anywhere. Before we deployed Lantronix’s solution, we had to physically go to each site to resolve issues.”

– Shane Froebel, Associate Director of Technical Services, The Brooklyn Hospital Center

CHALLENGE: Lack of Ability to Remotely Monitor and Control the Network

Shane Froebel, the hospital’s associate director of Technology Services, was challenged with trying to keep the hospital’s network infrastructure up and running at its 10 sites while having limited access to the various sites. In fact, during Covid facility lockdowns, non-medical staff including the IT team were prevented from entering patient facilities, so they had no access to networking equipment at the remote sites.

SOLUTION: Lantronix’s Out-of-Band Solution for Centralized Network Management

Froebel needed to find an out-of-band management solution that would enable remote management of the hospital’s network infrastructure, including remote deployment of network gear and provide access to locally stored configuration files. The solution needed to be compatible with the hospital’s existing Cisco networking equipment.

Froebel chose Lantronix’s LM83X Console Server with Control Center, high density serial expansion modules, dedicated Ethernet modules and LTE modems. Compatible with the hospital’s Cisco networking equipment, Lantronix’s out-of band solution enables Froebel and his team to manage the network infrastructure at all 10 locations from their desks at the main campus, from remote locations after hours or even while they are on  vacation.

“Getting around Brooklyn is a huge issue. Now with Lantronix’s out-of-band solution, we can remotely manage of all our sites without the need to spend time and energy physically going to each site.”

– Shane Froebel

RESULTS: Lantronix Delivers Automated Network Management

With Lantronix’s out-of-band management solution, the hospital gained out-ofband network management, including:

Real-time Monitoring and Management:
the Lantronix Control Center’s Web-based solution provides real-time network monitoring and management and is compatible with the existing Cisco networking gear.

Remotely Managed Switch Upgrades: Froebel and his team can remotely implement switch upgrades in- or out-of-band. Using the LM console enables them to see the network status and anticipate any issues in real-time.

Remote Management via Lantronix Control Center: from virtually anywhere, Froebel and his team can log in to remotely monitor and control the network infrastructure independent of the network itself.

Locally Stored Configuration Files: Froebel and his team can easily access locally stored configuration files on the LM83X, saving slow downloads to remote devices.