ION106 Series

6-Slot Chassis for ION Slide-in Modules

ION106 Series
  • ION106-768x765
  • ION106-AAMB
  • ION106-AAB
  • ION106-A
  • ION106-D

The ION106 is an intelligent, multi-service integration platform that offers first-rate solutions for integrating, optimizing and navigating networks. By cost-effectively integrating copper and fiber equipment with infrastructure, the ION Platform equips networks for the bandwidth, distance, and security demands of today, tomorrow, and every point in between. Designed for service providers, data centers, and core network applications, the ION Platform provides the secure network management of fiber interface points required for both carrier-class and enterprise-class services.

Media conversion technology allows for the integration of fiber optic cabling into environments with copper-based equipment. Lantronix’ ION media converters provide a quick, inexpensive method for connecting new or embedded fiber with copper-based networking devices that have RJ-45 ports. The ION Platform accommodates a variety of modules and interface devices supporting multiple protocols and networking environments, including Ethernet and TDM networks. With optimum flexibility built in, ION is equally suited for either single-unit network edge or high-density applications within enterprises or central offices. The ION Platform provides simple navigation of all the connected network interfaces, allowing various components to be easily configured, monitored and managed remotely while providing a high level of secure access to the management data. Lantronix’ ION solutions allow users to easily integrate copper and fiber in order to extend networks within a building, between buildings, or throughout a campus where multiple points of fiber integration and secure network management of the fiber interface devices is essential.

An end-to-end fiber integration solution can be achieved by pairing the modules in an ION chassis with the modules in another ION chassis, or a Lantronix’ stand-alone device. To take full advantage of all the features and functions available with the ION Chassis, an ION Management Module is required. The ION Management Module connects to the chassis backplane and communicates with the individual cards in the ION Chassis. Each slide-in module for the ION Chassis has specific features and functions that are controlled via the ION Management Module. A network administrator can configure, monitor and troubleshoot ION slide-in modules remotely via the ION Management Module.

ION106 Series

ION106 Series Overview

Security Features

When the optional management module is used, the following security are available, allowing you to control access to the ION Chassis via the ION Management Module, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to view and change the settings to the slide-in modules.

  • Management VLAN
  • SSL
  • SSH
  • IEEE 802.1X
  • SNMPv1 & V2c, +V3


Management Features

    • Variety of management access methods including; telnet, web, SNMP
    • Single slot management module design allows for more slide-in modules to be inserted in the ION Chassis
    • Management VLAN
    • Based on Public MIBs
    • (2) 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
    • USB console port
    • TFTP upgrade/backup of slide-in modules
    • Import/Export configuration files in human readable/editable format
    • Multiple community string

Access Methods

      • Web-browser: Access the ION Management Module using a standard web browser
      • Command Line Interface (CLI): CLI access can be done via telnet remotely or via the local console port on the ION Management Module
      • SNMP: Since the ION platform is based on public MIBs you can easily manage the ION with a standard network management system (NMS) such as SNMPc, HPOV or any other standard SNMP platform
      • Focal Point: Transition Networks offers a free SNMP graphical user interface (GUI) software for management purposes. Focal Point offers full read and read/write capabilities in a user friendly GUI

ION106 Series Tech Specs


    • (6) Slots in front for ION slide-in modules
    • (2) Slots in front for power supply modules

    Status LEDs

    • Power On LED for each installed power supply module


    • Width: 17″ [430 mm]
    • Depth: 10” [254 mm]
    • Height: 1.75” [44.45 mm]

    Power Consumption

    • 10 Watts

    Power Supply

    • *Two open bays for ION 6-slot power supply modules supporting: AC: 100-240VAC DC: -21 to -72VDC and +21 to +72VDC
    • *Note: Power supply module supplies +12VDC maximum to each card slot in the chassis. Only one power supply module is required to power the chassis and the installed modules, the optional second power supply module provides redundancy for instant fail-over.


    • Operating: 0°C to 50°C
    • Storage: -40°C to 85°C
    • Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
    • Altitude: 0 – 10,000 ft.

    Shipping Weight

    • 10 lbs. [4.5 kg]


    • No power supply:
      Greater than 250,000 Hours (MIL‐HDBK‐217F)
      Greater than 687,500 Hours (Bellcore)
    • 1 power supply: Greater than 165,000 hrs. (Bellcore)
    • 2 power supplies: Greater than 82,500 hrs. (Bellcore)


    • UL listed, EN55022 Class A, EN55024, CE Mark, FCC Class A, CISPR Class A


    • Lifetime

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Note: Some Documentation may have Transition Networks named or pictured. Transition Networks was acquired by Lantronix in August 2021. Learn more about the acquisition here.


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ION106 Series Part Numbers

ION106-A ION106 Series

6-Slot ION Chassis with (1) AC power supply

ION106-D ION106 Series

6-Slot ION Chassis with (1) DC power supply

ION106-AAB ION106 Series

6-Slot ION Chassis with (2) AC power supplies

ION106-AAMB ION106 Series

6-Slot ION Chassis with (2) AC power supplies and (1) ION Management Module

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