Transition Networks Now Lantronix

October 11, 2021


Transition Networks Now Lantronix

Same People. Same Products. More to Offer.

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Together, we provide customers and partners with innovative solutions and products to help them realize their network’s full potential. Our broader IoT connectivity solution will take any network to the next level.

Our network connectivity solutions, such as switching and media conversion, have now expanded to include a variety of IoT end points like Gateways, modems, trackers, and more!

Our embedded solutions, like NICs, CWDM, and SFPs, have also expanded to include SOM development kits, Embedded RF Modules, and Engineering Design Services.

SLC Series

Remote Environment Management has also expanded with our latest Secure Remote Access (SRA Series) solution in addition to the SLC Series for Data Centers, with the EMG 7500 Series and SLB Series for Branch Offices and Remote Sites.

infrastructure management software for console managers


Now with Lantronix, we also offer extensive network management solutions through ConsoleFlow as well as LTE solutions with our Connectivity Services.


Check out our press release on the acquisition

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Network SwitchesNetwork Switches
Media Converters
Media Converters

Network Adapters (NICs)

CWDM Modules

Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFPs)

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