Youbiquo designs augmented reality smart glasses for various use cases with a focus on industry specific applications. They recognize that Augmented reality smart glasses are the perfect tool to address this problem because they simultaneously bring both the technician’s task and computer into their field of vision. Unfortunately there are not many options for industry-oriented smart glasses, and ones that are available often come with bulky, heavy lenses with a narrow field of vision. This puts Youbiquo in a unique position to contribute to this field.

The Solution:

Personal assistance right in front of the eyes

To address the needs of manufacturing enterprises, Youbiquo created the Talens Holo, a wearable augmented reality smart glasses product. It comes with binocular vision, a high-resolution camera, and other sensors. The maintenance technician turns it on by simply holding their finger to the fingerprint sensor for a secure authentication. Once on, the Talens Holo provides the technician with a variety of tools to assist them with their task.

The technician can easily bring maintenance procedures and other support documentation directly into their field of vision. Its object recognition capabilities aid the technician in identifying equipment parts, reducing the need to consult external sources. If the technician requires further assistance, they can use the smart glasses to perform a video conference in which their field of vision is streamed to a remote expert and simultaneously, objects in the field of view are detected and recognized by an AI algorithm. To document their status and progress, they can conveniently take pictures and record data to remote databases. Youbiquo has worked with several third parties to incorporate various hardware components and software libraries into the Talens Holo. One such third party is Lantronix, an innovator in product development services and edge computing modules. The Talens Holo uses a Lantronix System-on-Module (SOM), which runs on a Qualcomm Technologies processor.

The Talens Holo Industry release is a standard model designed for complex manufacturing processes. It is built with Lantronix’s Open-Q™ 626 μSOM, integrated with the Qualcomm® APQ8053Pro SoC and chosen for its cost, processing power, heat dissipation, and a variety of built-in software including 3D rendering, computer vision, and natural language processing. Meanwhile, the Talens Holo LEA release is an upcoming standard model designed for law enforcement. It is planned to be built with a Lantronix Open-Q™ 865 SOM integrated with the Qualcomm® SXR2130P SoC, chosen for its 5G connectivity, small footprint, and higher performance to support a wider lens display, pupil detection sensor, thermal camera, and machine learning algorithms for hand gesture and object detection features.

The Benefit:

Results: The maintenance technician’s latest gadget

By taking advantage of Lantronix and QTI’s technology, Youbiquo is able to develop and fine-tune their own technology at a rapid pace, resulting in the Talens Holo Augmented Reality Smart Glasses with its impressive array of benefits.

• Security: Securely activate the smart glasses and log in to the enterprise’s system using fingerprint authentication.

• Object recognition: Use artificial intelligence to identify equipment and its components.

• Communication: Contact off-site experts for help and stream the wearer’s camera feed to them, providing the next best thing to having the expert there in person.

• Convenience: Bring support documentation and other resources directly into the wearer’s field of vision, minimizing the need to take their attention away from the task at hand.

• Customization: Take advantage of Youbiquo’s ability to customize their technology precisely for a particular use case