Medical & Healthcare Case Study


Securely Transmit Video and Data 24/7

Hospitals face several challenges in providing flexible, secure and robust connectivity for medical devices, potentially resulting in medical device information being improperly transmitted, stored or shared.

To improve patient care and transmission of critical device operational data, such as COVID-19 treatment, hospitals need a connectivity solution to overcome network infrastructure connection challenges

The Solution:

Solution: Lantronix ConsoleFlow Software and SGX 5150 IoT Device Gateway

Lantronix SGX 5150 IoT Gateway provides the hardware needed to connect medical devices to hospital networks. Its multi-interface access provides the flexibility to connect multiple device types using the SGX gateway. It includes built-in device security features, including secure boot, secure firmware, data-at-rest protection and role-based access control.

The Benefit:

Results:  Flexible, Secure and Reliable Connectivity

Together, Lantronix ConsoleFlow and SGX 5150 networking and management solutions give hospitals a flexible, secure and reliable solution for medical device connectivity to help improve patient care and operational efficiency.