Humanware’s goal was to design the Victor Reader Trek, a Handheld Device  to help people with vision loss better navigate the world around them by providing key information, including the nearest address, the cardinal direction they are traveling, the description of the next intersection and turn-by-turn directions to their destinations. To make the journey a pleasant one, the design team wanted to include a built-in Reader, giving users the joy of listening to books, music and podcasts.

The Solution:

Lantronix Open-Q™ 410 SOMs

HumanWare’s design team chose the Lantronix Open-Q 410 System on Module (SOM), an ultra-small, production-ready module based on the powerful 410 Series APQ8016 quad-core processor from Qualcomm® Technologies Inc. HumanWare’s team also chose Lantronix as it had the expertise to offer SOM customization services to make the device both functional and affordable for the Victor Reader Trek application. Utilizing open-source Linux rather than Windows CE facilitates smoother integration and easier upgrades. Linux is also a more powerful, stable platform that provides a longer, usable life for the Trek device.

The Benefit:

Results: Quick and Affordable Delivery to Markets

Utilizing Lantronix’s Open-Q 410 SOM, the HumanWare design team was able to quickly and affordably create the Victor Reader Trek, a lightweight durable device with an intuitive user interface and an ultra-long battery life. Its intuitive user interface gives people with vision loss the ability to navigate their surroundings by utilizing the built-in GPS. Its built-in reader also enables users to listen to books, music and podcasts. Since users tend to keep HumanWare devices for years, being able to implement fast, easy upgrades is a significant advantage.

Benefits Include:
• Large capacity memory
• Fast boot time to allow quick start-up, usage and response
• Optimized power management for excellent battery life
• Linux open-source that offers software transparency for faster, easier development
• Lower development costs by leveraging a pre-existing computing solution in the Open-Q 410 SOM
• FCC/IC Pre-certified solution, allowing leverage of modular precertification to reduce product certification costs