Embodied – Moxie, A Robot

Privacy and security are top requirements for mobile and robotic products. Security is a particularly fundamental consideration in robotics, especially those designed for use by children.

The Solution:

Lantronix Engineering Services

Embodied’s designers chose the Lantronix Engineering Services team to support the development of a secure operating system with advanced privacy, security and camera technologies to ensure that Moxie would be safe for use by children.
In addition, the Lantronix team helped deliver the most appropriate options for camera exposure control to ensure image quality in challenging imaging environments. Implementing advanced camera technology enables Moxie to interact while adaptively adjusting to scene changes, such as dim lighting conditions.

The Benefit:

Results: Secure Robot Helps Children Develop Meaningful Skills

With the support of Lantronix’s Engineering Services, the Embodied team created Moxie, the first-ever animate companion robot for children. With Lantronix’s Engineering Services delivering advanced privacy, security and interactivity features, Embodied was able to quickly develop a market-ready prototype.
In addition, Lantronix’s contributions supported and freed up resources for the Embodied team, enabling them to spend their time and efforts on creating Moxie’s interactive and educational capabilities. Lantronix’s contributions helped Embodied bring Moxie to market faster, more affordably and with built-in security updates and patches that can be remotely updated.