Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Success Highlights

  • Enables continuous out-of-band access to and control of devices
  • Drastically reduces the impact of costly network outages and unexpected repair downtime
  • Reduces support response time from 3 hours to 3 minutes
  • Ensures quality control and compliance of initial device configurations
  • Reduces interruption of network-dependent production processes

Case Study Overview

One of the world’s largest global pharmaceutical manufacturers deployed Lantronix’s out-of-band solutions for remote management, incident triage and fast response to network infrastructure issues. This results in fewer issues, reduction in costly network outages and an increase in up-time.

CHALLENGE: Lack of Access and Expensive Downtime

Prior to installing the Lantronix’s out-of-band solutions, the company’s challenges included:

  • Lack of access. It was difficult if not impossible to provide immediate response to network issues since there was no way to provide remote support.
  • Expensive downtime. It was costly to have downtime as the manufacturing floor has both the real-time costs of delayed production as well as the potential cost of lost work-in-progress in the development of pharmaceutical products.
  • Absence of secure access. It was not possible to gain secure access to the gear behind the manufacturing firewall.
  • Missing configuration records. There were no details on initial configurations when the gear was deployed or replaced, nor were there any records of configuration changes.
  • Previous lack of maintenance. Routine updates and maintenance of device configurations were not done, leaving systems vulnerable to failure.

“The Lantronix out-of-band solution helps this leading pharmaceutical manufacturer avoid costly network outages and interruptions caused by downtime while gaining the benefits of increased network uptime.”

– Jacques Issa, VP of Marketing, Lantronix Inc

SOLUTION: Lantronix’s Out-of-Band Solution Provides Remote Management of Devices

The company chose Lantronix’s advanced out-of-band solutions, including its LM83X with 8-port serial card, LCD card, LTE modem and the Lantronix Control Center. Lantronix’s hardware-agnostic out-of-band management platform supports devices from multiple vendors, ensuring continuity across the network.

Lantronix’s out-of-band solution provides:

  • Secure management access to network infrastructure behind the manufacturing floor firewall
  • Continuous direct monitoring of network infrastructure to triage issues andautomate device recovery using standard runbook responses
  • Automatic device configuration management when a network admin logs into a device
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning of devices on initial deployment or replacement
  • Custom automation of network device monitoring and data-driven management, enabled through the Lantronix rules engine

“The manufacturer’s ROI depends on the advanced out-of-band solutions from Lantronix that help avoid costly network outages, interruptions caused by downtime and slow access to support, which can quickly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.”

– Jacques Issa, VP of Marketing, Lantronix Inc.

RESULTS: Reduced Costly Network Outages and Downtime, Improved Remote Management

With Lantronix out-of-band management, for networking gear isolated behind the manufacturing floor network firewall, the IT team can now:

  • Securely and remotely gain access
  • Monitor service levels to ensure uptime
  • Detect, record and roll-back configuration changes
  • Automate recovery of failed devices
  • Create custom event-based automation to detect issues and maintain service levels
  • Address issues automatically in Network Layers 0-3.5