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Lantronix’s software engineering team works with our technology partners at the earliest stages of new chip introduction, giving us valuable early access and knowledge of the newest high-performance technology. Our team is very experienced with embedded systems software having created countless board support packages and drivers for Android, Linux, Window and QNX. Our driver experience includes power optimizations, radios (CDMA, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth), FPGAs and various peripherals including USB, LCD, Touch, Camera, e-Ink, codecs and more.
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Lantronix also has a rich history of the development of proprietary middleware and applications, as well as custom applications for our clients. Our software applications have been licensed by the world’s largest silicon and modem vendors, ODMs, and OEMs, enhancing hundreds of millions of mobile and IoT devices.

Lantronix is the leader in software development for Snapdragon-based IoT devices, with unique expertise in key technology features of Snapdragon: audio and graphics performance, camera driver development and tuning, and Hexagon DSP development.

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