University of South Florida

University of South Florida

The Challenge:

To manage their HVAC systems, USF spent thousands of dollars monthly to lease phone lines that provided slow Internet connections and proved to be inefficient for monitoring technicians.

The Benefit:

The integration of Lantronix’s device server technology allowed USF to network enable multiple buildings’ HVAC systems via a high speed Ethernet connection to a centralized control center.

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The University of South Florida (USF) is the largest metropolitan university in the Southeastern United States, with a student body of nearly 35,000 spread across four campuses.

For their Tampa campus, USF uses American Auto-Matrix (AAM) as one of their providers of HVAC controllers in many of the educational buildings to monitor, manage and maintain the HVAC systems. USF initially decided to implement AAM’s system called Auto Pilot, a graphical user interface to better manage their buildings HVAC systems. In order to accomplish this, AAM would have needed to install a host front-end panel in each building. AAM needed a solution to help USF avoid spending the several thousands of dollars needed to provide the materials in buildings and enable the Auto Pilot system to operate at its full potential.

With the integration of Lantronix’s MSS100, USF and AAM network enabled multiple buildings to a single host front end via a high speed Ethernet connection allowing the Auto Pilot system to operate at full capacity whereas before it was only able to operate at about one-fourth of its potential. The solution helped USF and in turn, all of AAM’s customers, to reduce their costs and better manage their building’s environment.

“We are very pleased with Lantronix’s product,” said Mark Oakley, USF Environmental Systems Technician. “This solution has provided us with cost savings and proved to be quite user friendly.”

“Lantronix has helped us to provide a great solution,” said John Bastian, Vice President, Facility Automation of Florida Inc. “The savings alone amounts to several thousand dollars per building.”

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