Lantronix Provisioning Manager is a software application that provisions, configures and updates Lantronix Console Managers and IoT Gateways for local site installations and deployments. It can handle changes to a single Lantronix device or support updating a group of them concurrently. As a self-contained utility, it does not have any dependencies on the target OS environment, making it easy to use without needing any external Internet access. Lantronix Provisioning Manager is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

For your existing deployments, Lantronix Provisioning Manager prepares your IoT Gateways and SLC 8000, SLB console managers to integrate with Lantronix management software applications such as Lantronix Gateway Central, MACH10 Global Device Manager and ConsoleFlow.

Device Discovery

Lantronix Provisioning Manager discovers Lantronix IoT gateways and console managers on the local subnet, as well as specified remote subnets, and presents the results for the user to choose devices to perform an action on.

Firmware Update

From the list of discovered devices, the user can select multiple ones and a firmware file to upload into each of them. Lantronix Provisioning Manager will then automatically update the firmware on all the selected devices in parallel.

Configuration Update

In addition to firmware updates, Lantronix Provisioning Manager can update the configuration of multiple devices in parallel. The user can choose whether to use the same configuration file for all devices or to have individual files for each device.

Central Management Registration

By entering credentials for a central management system such as Lantronix MACH10® or ConsoleFlow™, Lantronix Provisioning Manager can automatically register the selected devices with the cloud management system to enable management of the devices via the cloud.

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