IT Infrastructure Management

Monitor and Manage Remote IT Assets

The network and data centers are the lifeblood of today’s enterprises especially with the growing dependency of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. In order to stay competitive, organizations of all types and sizes must strive to maintain 100% uptime. Even one hour of downtime can potentially cost millions, cripple operations, and damage the integrity of a brand. The solution to minimizing downtime is remote IT infrastructure management.

Remote management enables network and systems managers to monitor and respond to globally distributed networks from a central location at any given time without the need for truck rolls. This enables secure remote access to equipment for monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing assets even during system or network outages. With remote management tools from Lantronix, one can proactively detect and correct device or system failures to ensure infrastructure resilience and business continuity.

Key Benefits

  • Manage IT assets from virtually anywhere even during system or network outages
  • Maximize uptime and continuity with real time notifications and access
  • Minimize system disruptions and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Save time and minimize cost with smart and consolidated management
  • Simplify operations and alleviate staffing challenges

Product Categories

Lantronix SLB - Front View

Branch Office Managers

Lantronix’ branch office management solutions provide real time visibility and control over branch office IT equipment securely and quickly. Without ever leaving your desk.
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Central Management Software Platforms

Lantronix' vSLM central management solution achieves seamless integration of console server equipment
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SLC 8000

Console Managers

Lantronix’ console management solutions provide secure remote access to IT equipment, while reducing deployment costs and time.
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