Marketing Revision

Each Point System device has a three-digit numeric Marketing Revision associated with it. It is an identification number for a particular version of a product in a family of products, and shows up as the last three digits of the catalog number.

Important note regarding product identification: When the full part number of a Point System device is abbreviated for use in catalogs and marketing literature, the first set of numeric digits in the string is dropped, leaving only the Marketing Revision. In most Point System products, the first set of numeric digits in the full part number is the same as the Marketing Revision, so this process is transparent. In a few cases, this is not true. Some examples follow:

ProductType as viewed by SoftwareMarketing RevisionCatalog NumberFull Model Mumber
Base Management Module (dual slot)CPSMM100200CPSMM200CPSMM100-200
Base Management Module (single slot)CPSMM100120CPSMM120CPSMM100-120
Expansion Management ModuleCPSMM200210CPSMM210CPSMM200-210