Management Module IP configuration

The Management Module has an Ethernet interface that supports SNMP, Telnet and Web traffic. These protocols can in turn be used by the network administrator to view and change configuration and status information on the Point System stack.

Like any station on your network, this interface needs to be configured with certain parameters in order to participate in an IP network. Those parameters are as follows:

ParameterAssociated MIB variable
Host IP Addresscpsmm100IPAddress
Default Gatewaycpsmm100Gateway
Subnet Maskcpsmm100SubnetMask

Transition Networks recommends making all IP configuration changes through the command line interface, accessed via a terminal attached to the serial port. Changing the IP configuration via the network is hazardous. Do not make such changes unless you are certain that you understand all of the implications of doing so.

The Management Module does not support dynamic configuration via DHCP or any other protocol.

Advanced, Optional topic: The recommended method of setting the Management Module’s IP configuration is through the Command Line Interface via a terminal emulator attached to the serial port. However, if the Ethernet Hardware address of an unconfigured Management Module is known, it can be manually placed into the net-to-media (arp) table of a UNIX host along with the desired IP address. If this is done, you can then Telnet to the Management Module, and the Management Module will configure itself with the IP address provided in the connection attempt. In this way, you can configure the Management Module without a serial terminal.