Firmware Revision

The Firmware Revision MIB Variable reports the revision of software running on the processor on this particular device. Not every device has a Firmware Revision variable. You can discover the revisions on these devices by entering the PICREV command at the command line interface.

Device Firmware Revisions are normally discussed in terms of a single letter, e.g. revision ‘B’. However, when the firmware revision is displayed by generic MIB processing code that is unaware of this convention, the revision is displayed as a decimal value. The table below provides some examples of how decimal revision values correspond to letter revision values.

Firmware Revisions
ASCII, as displayed by STAT and PICREV CLI commands Decimal, as displayed by GET CLI command and (older) Web interface
‘A’ or ‘a’=65=97
‘B’ or ‘b’=66=98
‘C’ or ‘c’=67=99
‘D’ or ‘d’=68=100
‘E’ or ‘e’=69=101
‘F’ or ‘f’=70=102
‘G’ or ‘g’=71=103