CPSMM200 Expansion Management Module

Through its IN/OUT ports, the CPSMM200 allows the backplanes of multiple Point System cabinets to be interconnected so that they can be managed by a single Base Management Module.

Important note regarding product identification: When the full part number of a Point System device is abbreviated for use in catalogs and marketing literature, the first set of numeric digits in the string is dropped and replaced by the last. In most Point System products, the first set of numeric digits in the full part number is the same as the last, so this process is transparent. In the case of Management Modules, this is not true. The full part number of the CPSMM200 Expansion Management Module is CPSMM200-210, and it is referred to in catalogs and marketing literature as CPSMM210.

ParameterAssociated MIB variableDescription
BIAcpsmm200BiaIndex(1)See BIA and Slot
Slotcpsmm200SlotIndex(2)See BIA and Slot
Serial Numbercpsmm200SerialNumber(3)Serial Number reported by hardware
Inter-Cabinet Communications Interfacecpsmm100ICIF(4)See ICIF
Marketing Revisioncpsmm200MRevision(5)Marketing Revision