CAPTF100 Analog Telephone 2 Wire to Fiber

ParameterAssociated MIB variableDescription
BIAcaptf100BiaIndex(1)See BIA, Slot, and Subdevice
Slotcaptf100SlotIndex(2)See BIA, Slot, and Subdevice
Group Membershipcaptf100Groups(3)See Configuration Management
Marketing Revisioncaptf100MRevision(4)Marketing Revision
Config Matchcaptf100CfgMatch(5)Configuration Management match?
Serial Numbercaptf100SerialNumber(6)Serial Number reported by device
Fiber Linkcaptf100FiberLink(7)Link status of fiber port
In Usecaptf100InUse(8)Off-hook indicator. In the Standard configuration (see captf100Emulates(14)), bothcaptf100InUse(8) variables will read yes(1) when the telephone is off hook andno(2) when the telephone is on hook and not ringing. In Automatic Ring-Down configurations, the captf100InUse(8) variables indicate the status of the telephone attached to the converter’s copper port. In all configurations, the status of this MIB variable is indeterminate whenever the telephone is ringing.
Faultcaptf100Fault(9)Fault status
Fiber Media Connectorcaptf100ConnA(10)Connector Type for Fiber port
Copper Media Connectorcaptf100ConnB(11)Connector Type for Copper port
Firmware Revisioncaptf100FirmwareRev(12)Firmware Revision reported by device
Cache Cleancaptf100CacheClean(13)Configuration changes pending?
Emulatescaptf100Emulates(14)This read-only variable indicates the emulation type and configuration of the device.
CAPTF100 devices exist in two varieties, the CAPTF10033xx-100, the copper port of which emulates a telephone, and the CAPTF10033xx-110, the copper port of which emulates the Central Office (CO) (i.e. a wall jack that one would plug a telephone into).
The Standard CAPTF100 configuration is employed when a fiber extension between a wall jack and a distant telephone is desired. The CAPTF100 whose copper port was plugged into the wall jack must be of the variety that emulates a telephone. The value of the captf100Emulates(14) variable of such a device will be phone(1). The CAPTF100 whose copper port was plugged into the telephone must be of the variety that emulates the CO, and that device must be jumpered for “Standard” operation. The value of its captf100Emulates(14) variable would be coStandard(2).
Alternatively, CAPTF100 converters can be used to provide a point-to-point fiber link between two telephones. This is known as the Automatic Ring-Down configuration. When one telephone goes off-hook, the other rings. When both are off hook, voice communication is possible. In this configuration, both CAPTF100 devices must be of the variety that emulates the CO, and both devices must be jumpered for “Automatic Ring-Down” operation. The value of theircaptf100Emulates(14) variables would be coAutoRingDown(3).