SLC Supported PC Cards and Modems

Type Manufacturer Model / Name SLC Firmware Version
Compact Flash Memory Cards
*1, *2
Antec Numerous 1.0 and later
Panasonic SDCF2MB 1.0 and later
PQI Standard 512MB-CF 1.0 and later
Sandisk SDCFB0128-101-00 1.0 and later
SDCFB0128-201-00 1.0 and later
Ultra II-256MB 1.0 and later
PCMCIA PC Card 5 MB 1.0 and later
Hard Disk Hitachi 08K2531
(13G1784 w/ CF to PC Card adapter)
1.0 and later
Hitachi 08K2532
(13G1785 w/ CF to PC Card adapter)
1.0 and later
MagicStor GS1022C 66 1.0 and later
Analog External Modems Best Data 56SPX-2, 56SX-2 2.0 and later
MultiTech MT 5634 ZBA 2.0 and later
USR Courier 2.0 and later
Sportster 2.0 and later
Zoom 2949L 2.0 and later
PC Card Modems Hayes 3327 2.0 and later
Xircom (Intel) CM56G 2.0 and later
Zoom 2975L 2.0 and later
3075 2.0 and later
Lantronix 56KMODEMCARD-02 *3 2.0 and later
ISDN Modems AVM GmbH FRITZ!Card PCMCIA 3.0 and later
WWAN Option GlobeTrotter EDGE (EDGE/GPRS) 4.0a and later

*1  Most any memory card supporting an ATA interface is compatible.
*2  An appropriate Compact Flash to PC Card adapter is required for operation.
*3  Very early models of the 56MODEMCARD with FCC ID BDNTAI-35626-M5-E may not be compatible. For more details please see the following FAQ.