Lantronix Helps Retail Stores Increase Revenues With Remote IT Management

The Challenge:

Remotely Control IT for Small Retail Sites

Since most small retail stores and pop-up sites typically have no technical personnel on-site, there is no one to ensure that stores stay connected to ensure uptime for important services such as point-of-sale devices. When connectivity goes down, so do sales.

Challenges include:

• Gaining remote IT and connectivity management

• Enabling single-source management platform

• Remotely troubleshooting to ensure uptime

• Ensuring secure access through encryption

The Solution:

Console Lantronix SLB: Branch Office Manager, ConsoleFlow and Lantronix Connectivity Services

Together, Lantronix SLB, ConsoleFlow and Lantronix Connectivity Services (LCS) delivered a secure solution for global remote environment management of retail stores and pop-up sites, including hardware, software and cellular connectivity.

• Ability to manage all sites from a single management platform

• Compatible with LTE or dial-up models

• Small equipment that fits neatly in data closets

• Integrated power and serial interface

• Remote diagnostics and repairs

• Global cellular connectivity

The Benefit:

Increased Revenues at Small Retail and Pop-up Store Sites

The Lantronix solution delivers real-time monitoring and management of distributed retail sites and pop-up stores. Improving operational efficiency and increasing uptime helps stores grow revenues.

Benefits Include:

• Integrated remote management solution

• Instant access for troubleshooting

• Remote support and management of uptime

• No need for technical staff onsite

• Reduced need for costly on-site service calls

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