Device Management System (DMS)

Lantronix’s Device Management System (DMS) software that provides a unique set of value-added features and capabilities that provide security integrators with lower overall cost, less downtime, and easier management and maintenance of the entire PoE+ network. The DMS software is currently available on most enterprise and hardened switches.


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  • Pop-up window interface
  • Device Type, Device Name, MAC Address, IP Address, and PoE Wattage used by the PD
  • Remotely log in, configure, monitor, and reboot the PD



  • Topology View provides end-to-end visibility of attached PD’s with remote access into each device
  • Floor View allows the designer to import existing JPEGs of the floor and site drawings into the DMS
  • Google Maps™ View allows the PDs to be visible by State, City, and Street Address

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  • One-click cable diagnosis
  • One-click to check device alive
  • Instant identification of faulty cable connections
  • Convenient reboot of remote devices to resume operation


  • Monitor traffic and packets of devices
  • Analyze by day/week/port/device
  • Perform health check by threshold
  • Auto-alarming if abnormal condition exists

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