BOLERO40 Series

IP68-rated advanced telematics device with GNSS and Percepxion™ IoT Edge Solution is pre-installed in all telematic devices.

Available in Cat M1 LTE with 2G fallback, the BOLERO43 series of advanced telematics devices with GNSS matches the asset tracking market’s environmental, mechanical and electrical requirements. Designed on the robust Lantronix FOX platform, BOLERO43 takes the best features of its predecessor, shrinks it down, and adds groundbreaking enhancements to deliver unparalleled performance in a compact, portable, and waterproof design.

Key Features
  • Percepxion – This secure cloud platform provides comprehensive device life cycle management, application integration and analytics through a single pane of glass
  • IP 68 Waterproof Dust proof
  • Dual SIM
  • Powerful scripting language
  • “Indestructible” power selection
NDAA Compliant

BOLERO40 Series Overview


Trustworthy Rugged Design

The BOLERO43 Series supports wide temperature range which makes it a perfect tracking device for challenging environmental situations.
It is delivered with an IP68 casing: waterproof, immersion up to 1.2m during 60min, and completely rustproof, it is the perfect tracking device for extreme conditions and activities.

Improve Efficiency with Smart Remote Management

Lantronix’s advanced telematics operating system offers flexibility for any application. Remote monitoring via the Percepxion platform that allows real-time vehicle environment tracking, analysis, and in-depth reporting

Save Money and Ensure the Highest Coverage Available with Dual SIM Function

Hosts two Mini SIMs (aka 2FF) and switches between carriers to ensure continuous nationwide/cross-border coverage across two services, effectively reducing mobile
roaming charges.

Resilient Power Supply

10.8 VDC ~ 48.0 VDC.
The Bolero 43 telematics device is equipped with a robust and resilient power supply designed to withstand the most challenging environments. Its rugged power supply ensures continuous and reliable operation even in rough terrains, extreme weather conditions, and fluctuating power scenarios.

Ignition sensing and Tow alert

The BOLERO40 Series offers a lot of features to let you have the most useful experience possible. For instance, it can detect the ignition and extinction on your engine.

BOLERO40 Series Tech Specs

  • Hardware

    • Casing: Non-flammable fiberglass-reinforced IP68-certified casing
    • Dimensions: 70 x 52.5 x 20.6 mm without connection cable
    • Weight: Approx. 118 g
    • Wire harness: 1 m with a (2x4) connector at cable’s end
    • Temperature range: Battery discharging temp.: -10°C ~ +60°C Battery charging: 0°C ~ +45°C
    • SDRAM: 16 Mbit
  • Tracking

    • GNSS: 72-channel GNSS engine GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
    • A-GNSS: AssistNow Online / offline / autonomos
    • Protocols: NMEA, PFAL (binary)
    • Accuracy: Position: 2.5 m (GPS) / 4.0 m (GLONASS)
    • Acquisition: Cold Start: 30 s (GPS) / 33 s (GLONASS) Tracking: 164 dBm (GPS) / -163 dBm (GLONASS)
    • Sensitivity: Cold start:-147 dBm (GPS)/-145 dBm (GLONASS)
    • Limits: Velocity: 500 m/s (972 knots) Altitude: 50,000 m Update rate: 1 Hz
  • Mounting

    • Mounting types
      • Double-sided adhesive pad (not included)
      • Cable ties (not included)
  • Interfaces

    • SIM interface: 2FF SIM 1.8 V / 3.0 V x 2 or factory-fitted MFF SIM x 2
    • Cellular and GNSS antennas: Internal
    • Internet: TCP / UDP / SMTP / HTTP
    • RS-232: V.24 level on 2 wires
    • I/Os: Two ‘versatile’, i.e. user-configurable as analogue/ digital input or digital output and Ignition sensing
    • Analogue input Digital output Digital input: Max. 32 VDC Open collector; 100 mA max.; 32 V dc max. 0 - 32 Vdc; User-programmed high and low thresholds
    • 1-wire interface: 3.3 VDC for temperature sensor or iButton driver ID
    • Accelerometer: Built in, ± 8g triple-axis (moving, standing, harsh braking and acceleration, tilt detection)
    • LEDs: User-configurable (e.g. Cellular, GNSS, Power ... etc.)
    • Cloud Services: Lantronix Percepxion™ platform
  • Power

    • Main source: 10.8 VDC ~ 48.0 VDC
    • Alternate source: Li-ion 3.15 Wh backup battery
  • Firmware Features

    • Embedded TCP/IP stack for client-server application
    • Lantronix protocols: IOP, GSM, AREA, 3DP, BIN
    • 40 programmable Timers, Triggers, Counters
    • 3000 built-in geofences and 2000 waypoints (rectangular/circular)
    • Support primary and backup servers
    • GSM/GSM jamming detections
    • Multi power-saving modes and wake-up conditions
    • Intelligent and flexible configuration settings
    • Alert notification rules based on combined events/states
    • Drivers Logbook / History / Trip management
    • Driver behavior evaluation
    • 2 x APN settings for home and roaming
    • Lantronix PREMIUM features supported
    • Local and OTA firmware update
    • Local and OTA device configuration

BOLERO40 Series Downloads

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Lantronix Part #

(Device Only) Tracker BOLERO43 - EMEA - LTE CatM1 band 20, 8, 3, 7- 2G FB band 8, 3 - IP 68 – GNSS - Li.Ion battery backup - RS232 2 wires - 2 I/O - 1 Wire interface - AVL Software

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Lantronix Part #

(Device Only) Tracker BOLERO43 - NA-LTE CatM1 band 13-IP 68, GNSS - Li.Ion battery backup - RS232 2 wires - 2 I/O - 1 Wire interface - AVL Software

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Lantronix Part #

(Device Only) Tracker BOLERO43 - Japan - Waterproof IP68-Rated Vehicle - 10.8 V Dc ~ 48 V Dc - Li-Ion Battery Backup - Ignition - Can Bus X 1 - Versatile I/O X 2 - 1-Wire Interface X 1 - 3-Way Concurrent GNSS

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